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    i am multi instrumentalist currently do a individual visual funeral doom mix bas sonly project under yuri martyren.
    i have released work unde rown independent online label e/e productions
    know i struemnts since elementary
    started creating music on own in middle school
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    United States
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  1. hello my name is emily i currently been musician since middle school but played instruments since elementary.am multi instrumentalist but currently only do bass since only inst i own. i have a individual old school visual / funeral doom merge project just me doing bass (no comp effects or electronics in tracksor modern more old school rec early black metal and funeral doom early years of genre) i currently looking to join a band most into genres atmospheric black metal,funerla doom or visual kei reside in california. i prefer virtual since i do not travel out of country or locally due to pandemic. i have some my works on bandcamp and others are in spotify under yuri madtyren or just google yuri martyren goull se emy page. if your intreatsed also in joining my project and you live near california message me but in core general i looking for band to join my solo works currenty dont mind finisng a drummer and guitarist and vocalist to front my project located near arcadia,california
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