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    I like nu metal. Proud to be a poseur...in the eyes of gatekeepers! I like what I like and don't worry, I don't just listen to nu metal. I listen to thrash too. I also like new wave. And hip hop. And funk. And punk. And rock. And ska. Shit, I just like music!
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    Your Mom's House, USA.
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    Nu metal, 90s and 2000s sitcoms.

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    My Ass, USA
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    Music, food, 90s and 2000s sitcoms, and a lot of dirty SEX that I don't talk about, like, ever.
  1. I love nu metal, thrash, alternative, groove metal, and classic heavy metal! Some bands I listen to regularly are: Acid Bath, Alice In Chains, Anthrax, Coal Chamber, Disturbed, Evanescence, Judas Priest, Korn, Megadeth, Mudvayne, Pantera, Rammstein, Slayer, Slipknot, Staind, and System Of A Down. I like non-metal stuff too, like: Bad Brains, blink-182, Danzig, Def Leppard, Eminem, Extreme, Foo Fighters, GG Allin, Green Day, Korn, Led Zeppelin, Linkin Park, Misfits, Nirvana, Offspring, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stone Temple Pilots, and Weezer.
  2. I love nu metal. One of my favourite subgenres.
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