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    I play guitar and drums for two bands in Minnesota. DeLuziver and Inviction homies trying to get music known and heard.
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    St. Paul, Minnesota
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    Music, YouTube, Photo/Video Editing

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  1. Hey everyone! I’m in a band out in Minnesota, USA, called DeLuziver and we have released our first full-length album, Chaos Walker! DeLuziver is an experimental metal band, which means we have different varieties such as death metal, progressive metal, ambient, acid jazz, and black metal. Our songs are a great immersive experience and if you are curious, check it out yourself!
  2. Hello, everyone! My name is Grady Westling and I’m new here to Metal Forum. I am very passionate about music. I love everything that has to do with music, especially metal music. I found a love for metal as a kid and now I’m a musician that plays in two bands. My two bands I play in are DeLuziver, an experimental band, and Inviction, a deathcore band. Both bands are from Minnesota, USA, and I take pleasure in being a part of the community. Excited to meet you guys!
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