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  1. I'm Cyrus, an amateur vocalist capable of traditional clean vocals and rough screams. I've always loved metal and its subgenres (especially melodic metal) and I'd love to try and help anyone with projects missing vocals. I don't necessarily want to say I can commit to a band due to military service coming up soon. I appreciate anyone willing to give me a shot. Unclean vocals can be mid to low range. Thanks!
  2. I’m Cyrus, an amateur metal vocalist based in the Southern U.S. I’m not asking for paying work, but I’d like to meet other musicians and maybe make something really great. I’ll make this disclaimer now: I would love to work with a band in the metalcore, nu-metal, djent, or especially melodic metal genres. Thanks!
  3. If you haven’t found a vocalist, (clean & unclean) I’d be happy to give it a shot. Discord: Sly#0901
  4. If you haven’t already found a vocalist, I’d be happy to give it a shot. You can reach me on my discord Sly#0901
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