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  1. I just wonder what you guys think about turkish metal bands. If you haven't listen any turkish metal band i could recommend some albums. Kurban-Sahip: fourth album of Hard Rock band Kurban. First three albums are hard rock but this album is metal. Mastering is made by legendary George Marino(Rip). Only problem about album is guitars are a bit too loud and sometimes i can't hear bass well. And they have really great bassist. Özlem Tekin-Kargalar: Özlem Tekin is a really interasting singer. She made Electronic, Pop, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock albums and her last album is metal. Mast
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Kerem Mazman and I'm from Turkey. I am 17. I really like metal and rock so i decided to join a forum about it. My favorite metal bands are Death, Dream Theater and Queensryche.
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