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  1. Black Sabbath live Paris 1970
  2. ^^ Sounds like a plan, and I wish you the best of luck with the wedding, and the mariage! Im okay in all of this, though i miss gigging a lot! - In Denmark you have to wear masks at all times, when inside. Ouside there is still the freedom of choice. Hope youre all doing well!
  3. Zemi


    I have the bass clef on my chest, cause I play the bass. Also have the sign for Aries on my arm.
  4. Ive always played the bass, though none of my parents nor siblings are musical. I consider myself 95% self tought, as I've played, listened and read my way to knowledge of the bass guitar, and very rarely received any actual education. Even in school. Though i remember them having an acustic guitar at my first school (before 3rd grade), which is where it all began. That made me ask my parents for a bass guitar, and next christmas, I got one. In that way, they've always been supporting of me. I've played a ton of sports too, and actually won the Danish Championship in Rugby, and I remember
  5. Can't remember last time I bought an album, its been too long since ive put one on too. Dont even think i have anything to play it on ? Digital days, huh
  6. Hey yo fellow metal heads, my name is Sebastian, but my nickname is Zemi. Been looking for forums to join, since i used to be on the Facepunch forum as a kid. Also just want to expand my horizons when it comes to metal. I play the bass guitar, and I love music like, Alice in chains, Electric Wizard, Pantera and Lamb of God, just to name some different genres. Love to talk music, basses and gear
  7. Follow Damian Keys on youtube, he makes great videos on subjects a like, imo My own advice to you is; think of social media as platforms of distribution
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