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    I play guitar and draw on occasion. I'm always looking for new bands to listen to and am willing to give reccs. I'm currently looking for a bass player.
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    Guitar, Art, Goth, Macabre, Witchcraft

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  1. Yeah, Blackacidevil was a strange one to be sure. I still don't understand why he would completely drop his bluesy dark sound in favor of bootleg techno will zero vocals. At least Verotika was funny.
  2. What do you think about bands that do things like dress up and have skits mid show? Does it add to the flavor or does it come off as the music being secondary?
  3. Yeah. They really are. Circle of Snakes is okay but it goes downhill from there. I still have major respect for Danzig.
  4. My name is Perisaul. I'm happy to join here. I play guitar and draw on occasion. Nice to meet you all. My favorite bands are Carnation, Type O Negative, Pentagram and Danzig.
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