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  1. Timo Ketola (1975-2020) Maybe some of you already know, on October 12th Timo Ketola, a Finnish artist, passed away suddenly. He created several incredible covers for bands like Watain, Teitanblood, Deathspell Omega and many other bands. He did great contributions to Metal and art, he had an incredible background in extreme metal creating and designing artworks, his artistic visions were unique and fascinating. You can see the rest of the bands he collaborated with over the years: https://www.metal-archives.com/artists/Davthvs/144223 Art is very transcendental for me and he is one of my favorite artists ever, I feel a great admiration and respect for him, for his talent and for who he was, this simply devastated me and I feel profoundly sad... His art and his essence will remain with us. You will always be remembered, Rest in Chaos, Timo. These are some of the artworks he created: The synthesis of Whore and Beast, Svartidauði Sutekh Hexen/Hissing Split Seven Chalices, Teitanblood Casus Luciferi, Watain Paracletus, Deathspell Omega
  2. Mad

    Hi everyone!

    That's exactly why I'm here. Thank you so much! I love almost every art expression. But I'm so into painting, drawing, photography and filmmaking. These days I've been very obssessed with Jesse Draxler and Daniele Valeriani artworks.
  3. I don't know how to introduce myself, but I'll try. I'm Maddie and I'm glad to be here. I like most genres of metal, but I love Black, Heavy and Death. My current favorite bands are Nifelheim, Angel Witch, Dying Fetus and Deathspell Omega. I also love arts and videogames.