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  1. The guy at my local music store IS the guy who setup my guitar, so I’m not going in there ever again. I’m guessing my best bet is the 5 bottom strings are too thick then? Yea, the 6th string kinda drowns of faster while the F# has a ridiculous amount of sustain. It doesn’t matter if it’s open or if it’s on the frets. There were a little buzz on the 12th fret of both string which I’ve fixed now, but it didn’t help. So different strings maybe?
  2. Sorry for the noob language. I’m mainly a drummer so I don’t know all the technical guitr terms yet. 🙃 I’m using a Jackson 6-string with Bareknuckle Juggernaut pickups. Strings are Ernie Ball 64-54-42-30-17-13. When the guitar is unplugged the notes are consistent, but the 1st string rings out almost immediately, so I would assume it’s the same only enhanced when plugged in.
  3. Hey guys! \m/ Noob here! I’m currently working on a solo studio project where I’m recording songs in Drop B and I have this problem that the A string (F#) is a lot higher than the E string (B). If do an open chord on the two strings it sounds more like a F# than B and it’s the same no matter what fret I pick. Doesn’t sound very metal... Any ideas for what the problem might be? thanks 🙏