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    Rhtym guitarist from Saaremaa, Estonia
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  1. Depending on the occasion having a few drinks can definitely led to some very interesing and open-minded conversation. Also have to agree with previous notes on starting to believe in the abilty to sing better under the influence :).
  2. Hey, I'm honored to introduce to u a new alternative metal act called osilian from the island of Saaremaa, Estonia. Our 5-piece group has been playing together for a couple of years now and recently released our first single "My friend" with video. We've been influenced by bands like Alter Bridge, Avenged Sevenfold, In Flames, Lost Society. "My Friend" links "My friend" video Facebook Instagram -osilian-
  3. Hello, I'm Taaniel, at the moment 22 years old. I was born on the island of Saaremaa, Estonia. (An ancient viking island in the Baltic Sea) I haven't been a metal fan for a very long time, only about 6-7 years. About 10 years ago I started playing guitar, mostly punk but then I found some friends in high school who led me to metal. Some of my favourite bands are Slipknot, A7X , In flames, Lost Society, Jinjer, Avatar, Alter Bridge, Metsatöll. I play rhythm guitar in a band called osilian and also sing and play guitar in a local punk band called Sitaharakas. Stay metal!
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