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  1. If you are still in need of a drummer for your music i am totally down. i enjoy your guitar work and i think i could really bring some interesting drums to the table. i can also do Evoken/Skepticism type vocals and play guitar or bass.
  2. I am interested in this project, its right up my alley. I have my own home studio where I can easily exchange ideas with you. I am also a multi instrumentalist. Let me know if you still need!
  3. I'm interested in your project, I can drum or play guitar.
  4. I'm a multi-instrumentalist looking for another guitarist to collab with for a Black/Death metal project of mine. Influences include Incantation, Immolation. Morbid Angel, Catacomb, Funebrarum, Vinterland etc. I write guitars/drums/bass so I would just need a second guitarist to collab with on riffs/leads etc. I would prefer that you have the ability to write solos but this is not a deal breaker. If you are interested please get in touch with me, thanks!