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    Southamerican heavy metallian with experience playing, composing and touring.
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    metal, playing guitar, brazilian jiujitsu, coding, science, history

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  1. Hi, I'm from Southamerica and, with a bunch of old comrades, I'm starting a heavy metal project, and lost all hopes to find a vocalist that suit us in the local scene, so I'm willing to start an online collaboration. What we need: A high pitched vocalist that is obsessed to make great and rough heavy metal music. It's needed that they can record their own voice at will (a cheap mic in your room is more than enough). If you play an instrument and/or have writing skills the better. Some band influences: Judas Priest, Sortilege, Satan, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Saxon, Angel Witch, Running Wild, Witch Cross, Manowar, Exciter, etc. We're more into: Filthy speed metal, rough straighforward rock beats, obscure and evil heavy, melodic aggresive hymns. Don'ts: Glam, humor, love ballads, unncesary shredding. Our background: The core of the band is a guitar (me), drummer and bass guitar, we´ve been playing together for more than 15 years in another project that gave us experience recording albums and making tours even reaching Europe once. We have a more underground oriented vision towars music. We have many songs finished and want to start realeasing our firsts demos soon. I know I'm being really specific with our requirements for such a place, but we have a really good and solid core of a band, with experience and a hell of synergy between us, with good songs, and I know that with the right people and hard work we can get from good to great. Cheers.
  2. They are a good band, I've been deep into their first Demo, and then when the first full length came out I felt it sounded like more "cleaned" and "contained", or without all the agressiveness that you feel in the demo. I think that's normal, the first record is always hard to face, I feel something similar happened to Enforcer and many other bands. This is a great record overall, much better than an average NWOTHM record. They played in Keep It True the last year, they performance was awesome, it was a surprise to me because their shows that I could see on internet before were really bad. Specially the vocalist, he seems to to suffer too much to get on the notes. I know that they just released a second full length but I didn't lisetened yet, I think it will be worthing keeping and eye on them because they seem promising, and I hope experience can consolidate them like a great act. If you are intereseted in NWOTHM, there are a lot of new bands out there, to me most of them suck but I can strongly recommend Black Viper, Witchtower or Acero Letal.
  3. This is my list in no particular order: Judas Priest - Sad Wings Of Destiny Mercyful Fate - Melissa Satan - Court In The Act Sortilége - Metalmorphose Iron Maiden - Killers Saxon - Wheels Of Steel Running Wild - Gates To Purgatory Venom - Welcome To Hell Angel Witch - Angel Witch Grim Reaper - See You In Hell
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