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    I wanna make friends to talk to music about cause everyone around me listens to shit and I don't have anyone to talk to about my love of metal I guess
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    pencil vein yaa
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    playing guitar and games

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    guitar,recording,finding new music and gaming

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  1. easily for me its maidens album. I have 23 guitars so its hard to pick i have ones that i play more and ones that have more sentimental value,i mainly play my fender mustang and epiphone korina explorer but my most important ones are my ovation legend acoustic and my dean vx and my martin prototype. and its a combination of stuff really im trying to make it not sound overproduced and give it a raw straight sound,i would just call it metal as im not trying to go for any specific genre
  2. i live in the middle of nowhere and work at a shit job with shitheads following their parents religions and friends recommendations which are youtubes recommendations. i have noone to really talk to about my love of old metal with. The way i love the sound of old recordings and finding old and new music and talking about the old days that i missed out on. I listen to anything from venom,zepplin,nirvana,bathory,overkill,avenged sevenfold,napalm death,agent steel,cooper,fleetwood,priest,linkin park,joplin,manson,bob dylan,neil young to cannibal corpse just anything. So if anyone else is in the same sinking boat lets chat. i also play and collect guitars and am trying to record my first demo
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