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  1. Epheles are good, fairly obscure... je suis autrefois is the album that caught my attention...
  2. Sibelius huh? I have heard of him, don't know if heard any of his symphonies though, will check them out!
  3. mp3 for me, I've bought Pantera's whole discog at least 3 times, cos I used to lose them, well one time they were stolen, but yeah. When I was in my late teens, early twenties, I was the guy who carried around a cd folder with 400 cds everywhere I went, no wonder I kept losing them! haha. I do have "The Number of The Beast" on vinyl somewhere, pretty poor condition though, my dad gave it to me, he bought it in the year I was born...
  4. Tis beautiful man!!! loved it
  5. Awesome dude, I am exactly the same, black metal first, but also all other types of metal too, what's your favourite classical piece? Mine is Dvorak symphony no.9 in E minor, I used to work at a cd shop many years ago, when the boss was out I'd play metal, one day I was playing Stormblast by Dimmu, Guds Fortapelse has a sample of it at the beginning, so bossman arrived and I took it off immediately, he didn't approve of playing metal in the shop, first thing he puts on when he gets there was Dvorak 9th Symphony, I nearly spat my tea out cos I thought I'd left the Dimmu album in the cd player!!! The whole symphony is super dramatic though which is why I love it so much... You cant beat Jesus' Tod man, best burzum track! Beholding the daughters of the firmament too!!
  6. I wasnt impressed with Emperor when I first heard them 20 years ago and anthems was the album I heard! I now list that as one of my favourite albums, like top 3 probably... and that's difficult for me to say! Often the best releases grow on you
  7. Just discovered ColdWorld, amazing solo project... I've listened to "Autumn Shade" about 20 times in the last 24 hours!!! 😆
  8. Haha, I mean yeah the tracks on it just gets worse can be considered vaguely songs, that's my fave album by them by the way, but most of their other stuff is literally fuzz and completely random, that was kind of the point tho, the humour!
  9. Absolutely, there are definitely loads of bands that just churn out music, with a lot of filler, but maybe sometimes what we consider filler the band feels is fulfilling... sometimes...
  10. It'll be another month I think, its not all bad I still have my dean baby ml, but it is an awful guitar, really weak sounding, I've managed to compose an entire album with it, but I used it's papery thin sound to the advantage of the project (old skool bm sort of sound). But yeah I'm really looking forward to having a proper guitar again, it actually isn't even that great a guitar to be fair, a warlock bronze series, but with a hi gain kent Armstrong pick up upgrade... and the body just sounds girthier you know?
  11. She is beautiful father alabaster, I can't wait to get my guitar back from the guitar shop, would you believe it, I put it in for a service, as it needed a lot of work, a week before UK lockdown, I could've cried like a baby when I learned that it'd be months until I got it back, mind you it was unusable anyway. The guy at the shop was confident they could get it "good as new" though...
  12. to be completely honest, nearly all of my favourite bands have maybe 2 or 3 tracks on each album that I actually listen to, godlike songs I guess and the rest, I know appeal to other people, but to me is filler and that's absolutely fine with me, after all I strongly believe that the best bands write music for themselves first and foremost. What is it that makes a riff legendary though? it's not technicality, because some of the best riffs are simplistic, but it's not uh... simple-ism? because some of the best riffs are incredibly complex... For me I am not a big technical guitarist, having played for about 24 years, I really should be better than I am, I personally favour song writing and structuring over uh... riff smithery? (Fantastically technical terms I'm using here! XD) I have written quite a few riffs though, that I would consider legendary, though the next person may think they're mediocre... Speaking of legendary riffs and Ageless Venomous, the third riff from "Dawn of Flagellation", am I right? Absolute belter!!!
  13. Yeah I was definitely influenced by AxCx lyrically, but we had actual songs too! xD obviously domestic violence is no laughing matter, at all, but the fact that I band would dare to make songs about it is kind of amusing. A bit like comedians like Frankie Boyle or Jimmy Carr, the subject isn't the thing that you're laughing at...
  14. I can't say I'd heard of either of those bands before, but Fornicator's demo was entitled "She Died on My Dick", come on if that is not intended as humour I don't know what is! The humour comes from the desire to cause maximum offence, I mean my first band was called Coathanger Abortion and we had a song called "Cot Death" and another called "No Tears for dead Queers", none of us were homophobic at all, the title was intended to piss as many people off as possible, thus amusing ourselves... I will say that was 20 years ago now so please don't judge too harshly! I'm gonna get kicked out...
  15. I do believe that humour plays an enormous part in Death Metal especially, Cannibal Corpse lyrics are supposed to be tongue in cheek, otherwise do the guys really fantasise about chopping people up or having their (own) faces smashed in with a hammer? Venom lyrics again were supposed to be humorous, it's a sort of dark twisted sense of humour that hangs over the metal umbrella genre really, and the ones who are most hilarious are often the ones who deny it!!! Oh damn, how old is this thread?!?! hahaha AxCx were definitely a pisstake band, they really ripped it out of the Grindcore scene, I really enjoy a bit of grindcore, but then I also really enjoyed hearing AxCx totally mug them all off... I'm certainly no fan of the D, but I have no problem with them poking fun at Metal, a bit of humility goes a long way...