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    All round metal head since, uh 93 I guess, progressed from GnR to maiden, to pantera/sepultura, to extreme metal... the old thrash metal saying "too much is never enough" always rung true for me... I've played guitar for about 25 years, I really should be better than I am, I'm not a massively technical player... always more interested in writing songs than perfecting technique I guess... I'm 37 years old going on 18, never grew up, do any of us though? My goal is to just finally get a project fully complete and released
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    Metal obvs, football, ice hockey, video games etc...

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  1. I love f# tuning, but from experience, you really need to have a good guitar with good strings, 64 might be too light, I have a rubbish guitar with an 80 as the sixth and it holds f# well, but overall the guitar just sounds muddy. I have all but given up on the tuning now, maybe I'll revisit one day when I get a 7 or 8 string, not that you need one, but it would help...
  2. That's a fair point, I do really enjoy most black metal, but some bands I have chosen to steer clear of due to band name, album name or cover art, again anything that's too suicidal, or screams of racial hate, I mean you don't often come across bands with nazi symbolism, I guess you have to seek those guys out a bit, but the suicidal stuff is fairly common, bands like ghostbath etc... shame really because the music might be really good... that being said I really liked "10th sublevel of suicide" talk about contradict myself huh? ?
  3. I really like noisesters Scarlet, musically fantastic, but lyrics are mainly about suicide, I personally find suicidal concepts less appealing than anything really, but the music is quality. You have to kinda tread carefully tho, cos you cant really go around saying "I like an NSBM band" and not expect the pc brigade to fall on you like a tonne of bricks...
  4. I don't know if you're meaning like lyrically or musically though, I tend not to be interested in lyrics so much, I'm all about the music. For instance I've always been a fan of drudkh, I only found out earlier this year that they're considered NSBM, when I first learned that I thought "well that's fucked then, cant listen to that anymore" but then I thought, the lyrics are in Ukrainian anyway, which I dont speak, fuck it the music is quality, I care not for their ideology. So I guess for me it's the energy of the music that purges away the negativity... does that make sense? Probably not haha
  5. I couldn't see a better place for this subject than here, so here we go... I'd like to point out straight from the off the emphasis on the "some" part of the subject title. I joined a black metal fb page today, mainly to promote my own music, while scrolling through fb I came across Darkthrone's page, I must say I'm surprised they even have one tbh, I found it highly amusing that Facebook suggested "if you like darkthrone, why not check out Slipknot!" Like fans of darkthrone would a) have not have heard of them and b) would be at all interested in them, they're not exactly compatible bands are they? ?. So I took a screen shot and shared it to the black metal group, with a comment "i think fenriz would vomit if he saw this hahaha" obvs it's an exaggeration, only to be instantly trolled, with a reply that went "I think fenriz would vomit if he realised how cringey bm fans are", the irony of it!!! You mean people who like black metal, who have joined this group to chat with like minded people are cringey because what? Was I slagging off Slipknot? No, not at all I respect them, was I trying to prove how black metal I am by saying they are not worthy to be mentioned anywhere near darkthrone? ? I know some that might argue that's the case, but no, I was merely commenting on how its amusing that fb associated the two, I get it's a simple science with Slipknot being one of the most popular metal bands in the world, that's why its amusing, Darkthrone the self proclaimed "Most Hated Band in the world" ? What irks me though is the fact that SOME metal fans think they are high and mighty and automatically assume that the new guy or girl is a wannabe (who cares even if they are?!?!) It's not very welcoming is it? A part of me is like "meh" what do you expect from a genre of music that in its essence is hateful, but another part of me is like "nah it's this kind of elitism that's a big problem with metal in general, especially in bm. With that being said I would like to thank everyone that I have spoken to on this forum for being very kind and welcoming, keep doing what you're doing! Sabazios
  6. Couldn't agree more with this sentiment, I see it as purging the negativity from my life. It allows me to be a kind and polite person in a way, cheesy as that sounds...
  7. Epheles are good, fairly obscure... je suis autrefois is the album that caught my attention...
  8. Sibelius huh? I have heard of him, don't know if heard any of his symphonies though, will check them out!
  9. mp3 for me, I've bought Pantera's whole discog at least 3 times, cos I used to lose them, well one time they were stolen, but yeah. When I was in my late teens, early twenties, I was the guy who carried around a cd folder with 400 cds everywhere I went, no wonder I kept losing them! haha. I do have "The Number of The Beast" on vinyl somewhere, pretty poor condition though, my dad gave it to me, he bought it in the year I was born...
  10. Awesome dude, I am exactly the same, black metal first, but also all other types of metal too, what's your favourite classical piece? Mine is Dvorak symphony no.9 in E minor, I used to work at a cd shop many years ago, when the boss was out I'd play metal, one day I was playing Stormblast by Dimmu, Guds Fortapelse has a sample of it at the beginning, so bossman arrived and I took it off immediately, he didn't approve of playing metal in the shop, first thing he puts on when he gets there was Dvorak 9th Symphony, I nearly spat my tea out cos I thought I'd left the Dimmu album in the cd player!!! The whole symphony is super dramatic though which is why I love it so much... You cant beat Jesus' Tod man, best burzum track! Beholding the daughters of the firmament too!!
  11. I wasnt impressed with Emperor when I first heard them 20 years ago and anthems was the album I heard! I now list that as one of my favourite albums, like top 3 probably... and that's difficult for me to say! Often the best releases grow on you
  12. Just discovered ColdWorld, amazing solo project... I've listened to "Autumn Shade" about 20 times in the last 24 hours!!! ?
  13. Haha, I mean yeah the tracks on it just gets worse can be considered vaguely songs, that's my fave album by them by the way, but most of their other stuff is literally fuzz and completely random, that was kind of the point tho, the humour!
  14. Absolutely, there are definitely loads of bands that just churn out music, with a lot of filler, but maybe sometimes what we consider filler the band feels is fulfilling... sometimes...
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