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  1. Hello again! Here is another fan and fun project: Raining Blood by Slayer, hope you enjoy
  2. Yes, I enjoy the Doom as well, Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus and the like. It's easier to dive in a slow pace music, there is space for music elements to come and fit in climactic fashion.
  3. Thanks for you message, and sorry for the late respond, a little internet break. Metal is about energy and sparks (and our youth!) but technically I don't know in which depth metal influenced my music, I guess fast and loud passages are always necessary in music! Also metal can clean your ears after a difficult day which is also quite important!
  4. Thanks, I have a piece, not exactly mine rather an orchestration, on "Promote Yourself" thread : ) this can lead you yo youtube channel etc! ( Ι don't like to spam the forum with links : )
  5. Hi Balor, Mostly compose for myself, as a freelancer. Also involved in few projects and collaborations, I'm keeping the bonds with Europe, (studied in Scotland) and trying to do few things there as well, although difficult times for music and other outdoor activities!
  6. Thanks both for your welcome note, well, I'm more to classic metal I guess, Priest, Maiden, Helloween, Savatage, Blind Guardian, also bit of thrash like Annihilator, Heathen, Iced Earth. That's the rough idea, thanks again!
  7. Hi all, This is an orchestral arrangement I've made on a classic tune by Dio. It's not exactly a promotion video since I don't monetize and no intention to do so, it's an ongoing project with songs I grew up with, there are two more songs I'm working on. I'm new here in this Forum hoping to find people with similar interests (aka, how to combine these bassoons with the horns and timpani!). Hope you enjoy and thanks for your time
  8. Greetings from LA, Metal fan for long time, also a composer of orchestral music. I'm sure many interesting people and music to be found here!
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