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  1. Quite enjoyable to me. I used to listen to Children of Boddom for a while, so it is not foreign to me. 6/10
  2. I am sorry if it is really bad..
  3. to be honest, i was just listening to: "You Stupid Bitch (feat, Rachel Bloom)"
  4. Hi. For this track, i would be honoured and absolutelly happy if somebody could compose and record a guitar part. This instrumental would benefit from it a lot. If it was a small guitar part - recorded over 0.46 - 1.06 of the tracks timeline - it would be absolutelly enough. In case you are interested, just hit me so - i can send you the mp3 for you to record over.
  5. Madder Mortem - Desiderata - Album
  6. Behemoth - The Satanist. The song. I am not such a fan of Behemoth, but i love this one and a few others by them. It is pretty nice one. Sounds catchy, but i promise i heard it housand times and still it sounds good.
  7. hey there, welcome here!
  8. Hey there, i hope you don't get offended now. I've known many metalists in my country that despise Electronic usic, but i don't belong to them - aparently. I wish to have a black metal vocal performance here. I totally trust it would sound great and, i would made some crazy mixing with your vocals. If there is somebody that would be willing to write and sing for this track, please let me know.
  9. hey, i will definitelly check that later on today!
  10. I am curious who and why moved this thread from Hobbies to Promote Yourself category? It is a hobby like others. I don't understand. I think you should put in hobbies. It doesnt belong here in this category. I just see @FatherAlabaster is the only one online now. Tried to sent you a message, but since you disabled messages i am writting here.
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