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  1. The survey comes from me, thanks for doing that.
  2. I am a Master’s Research student from the Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. I am researching the characteristics and composition of Progressive Metal music and am conducting a survey to find the majority opinion of who are the most representative Progressive Metal artists. It will take less than 20 minutes to complete the survey for this research project. Participation is completely voluntary, and your answers will be anonymous. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. The link to the website with the survey is here https://progmtl.wixsite.com/progmtl
  3. So how many members here are into Progressive Metal, and what other metal genres are you all into?
  4. I'm an Australian guitarist. I have a jazz degree but was playing rock and metal long before I did that. I got out of the metal scene a few years back but 2 years ago started listening to the current generation of Metal bands and got back into it. I really like bands like Jinjer, New years Day, as well as the older bands such as Godsmack and Prog bands such as Tesseract and Periphery, I love the classics like Deep Purple and Sabbath but that's just scratching the surface - I like a lot of others. I've had a varied music career including large and small Jazz bands, country rock, playing percussion in orchestra, marching band snare drum, bagpipes. But most of my music career has been hard rock covers and several original bands in various genres like hard rock, fusion, pop and metal. I am currently doing a Music Masters Research degree in Prog Metal Composition. Look forward to some quality interactions.