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  1. they are not black metal, weren't, never gonna be no i didn't mean it. i meant they're not black metal, even blackened death. some sort of baby main-stream thing, not even close to black. oh yes they are, they are not blackened 'death'. you either don't know what death metal is, or what metalcore is.
  2. i followed the link from your signature, a site came up saying 'Behemoth', which is a blackened metalcore band, is black metal. so foony that they don't have any metal knowledge.
  3. Destroy the opposition - Dying Fetus
  4. Have you heard of this band? Carpathian Forest is Satanic, and creepy and so on. it's great and sounds great. I don't want to rate their albums cuz i'm not really into them since i just found them but they're amazing. i love them, why don't you give this band a test? They're really mayhem'ic. although, they have some rock vibes, and that's ok like behemoth is already blackened metalcore but everyone's talking about their black metal parts. here you go
  5. Likeim - Carpathian Forest
  6. 'Lyrics' Im pretty sure that manowar is metal, then lemme take you to one of their lyrics : Fast taker - Manowar : and then here's some pink floyd:
  7. Death Angel - The Ultra-Violence
  8. how to solve this stupid math problem
  9. i'd go with memento mori - phantom, ion - portal, old star - darkthrone
  10. yes i'm studying pure math and physics, so ye i mock enegeners. anyway, mostly i listen to black metal(i like crust black but not my favorite) and death metal(and it subs) but i like groove and gothic too. portal and phantom are my favorites while i listen to cattle as well. and yes nu-metal is not metal(so is slipknot.) and last not least, behemoth is black metal-core and it's not a big deal.
  11. i'm gonna answer this with common lol.
  12. Vovete

    Slipknot ??

    kinda liked your '??'