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  1. Horns
    GothExplorer given a Damn from blaaacdoommmmfan in Who are the popular young metal bands?   
    I suppose that this thread is a reflection on my earlier post about record labels.  The most successful bands are signed to labels.  I know however that the music industry is largely fools’ gold.  Just ask all of those talent show winners turned one hit wonders.

    On the one hand, I am pleased that a lot of young bands are forging a career without record labels, but I am also aware that those bands are not well known, and may never be sufficiently well known to allow them to make serious money – ie the money they need to move out of their parental homes.

    And so I find myself reluctantly wondering if the future does not in fact lie with bands signed to labels.  The trouble is that I cannot think of any young metal bands which are well known.  Young bands I know of are inspired by Metallica and Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple and the like.  Imagine if Metallica and Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple had never been well known in the first place.  Where would we be now?

  2. Horns
    GothExplorer given a Damn from blaaacdoommmmfan in Gather all around the young ones   
    I have just noticed that my recent thread about women in metal has led to a discussion about the musical education of children.  As I try to keep things on topic, I have decided to start a new thread on this subject.
    I am all in favour of children learning to play instruments, but this is often done either not well or not at all.  When I was a child, music lessons at school tended to be utter rubbish, and I wonder if they are any better today.
    There is a side of me that thinks that instruments and genres are not really important here.  After all, Dio learned classical trumpet as a child, and went on to become a metal legend.  Then again, you can't expect children to be motivated to learn to play a musical instrument unless you either bribe them with extra pocket money or else invite them to learn an instrument and genre that actually appeals to them.
    I recall many years ago reading a letter in a children's comic.  A boy wrote that he and his friends wanted to form a pop group, but that none of them could play any musical instruments.  You might ask why they did not just learn, but it is not always that simple.  Could they afford to buy instruments?  Did they know anyone who could help them to learn?
    I try to play my part.  I sometimes visit a family with two young children.  I recently gave their older child a four-octave electronic keyboard, but her parents are not musical, and I wonder if she will actually learn to play it.  If she does, then I don't care what genre of music she plays.
  3. Horns
    GothExplorer given a Damn from blaaacdoommmmfan in The importance of merchandise   
    So lots of people have read my post about whether or not metal needs record labels, but as yet no one has commented.
    Today I made my first ever purchase from BigCartel - a Frozen Crown tee shirt.  As the band are on tour at the moment, it will not be dispatched until April, but who cares?
    The tee cost me less than £20, including postage and packing.  As I paid via Paypal, there is no transaction fee.
    I am not really bothered about the tee shirt itself.  I am more concerned about doing my bit to support one of my current favourite bands.
    I read last year that the amount of money a musician earns from the sale of just one tee shirt is roughly the same as the income from five thousand streams.  Merchandise is important.
  4. Horns
    GothExplorer gave a Damn to MacabreEternal in Hey from Ireland   
    No puzzle here, he is talking about the band Primordial (Celtic Folk/Black Metal)  and he is also a member of doom metallers Dread Sovereign and heavy metal band Twilight of the Gods.
  5. Horns
    GothExplorer gave a Damn to BLACKY in City & State First in Title of Seeking Musicians!   
    This is a Worldwide Metal Site people!
    Help Yourselves by isolating Your location.
  6. Horns
    GothExplorer given a Damn from Balor in The demonisation of drill music   
    Just search on YT for drill music UK.  As I said in the OP, I am not an expert on drill music, and I cannot advise you on what songs are typical of the genre.
  7. Horns
    GothExplorer gave a Damn to blaaacdoommmmfan in How's Corona virus affecting the world of metalheads   
    I agree with goth explorer. It's the amount that some people are hoard ing. It's normal to buy enough to last you a week imo but not normal to buy enough for 6 months supply that's just selfish. 
  8. Horns
    GothExplorer gave a Damn to Balor in The importance of merchandise   
    Given the coronavirus situation now, merchandise is becoming more important than ever.  Genocide Organ was going to tour the US, but had to cancel.  Luckily they put up a few shirts for sale to help them cut their losses (bought both). 
  9. Horns
    GothExplorer gave a Damn to darknecessities in FEMALE METAL FANS WANTED!   
    Hi all, 
    All interviews were carried out with global participants from all over the world via Skype. It was not limited to students and I did not interview anyone who was at my level of education. I was not studying myself in that sense. 
    Also thank you for correcting my grammar. It was a typo as I'm well aware of the use of apostrophes. It's usually me who's correcting grammar so this was a refreshing moment! 
    Thanks for your well wishes. I'm not used to these forums but I've been told people tend to speak their mind like they're the experts (who have been researching social research methodology and existing literature for some years...) and I can now vouch for that. 
  10. Horns
    GothExplorer gave a Damn to Balor in FEMALE METAL FANS WANTED!   
    In fact, direct participation might help one learn more than simply sharing a survey!
  11. Horns
    GothExplorer given a Damn from Balor in FEMALE METAL FANS WANTED!   
    … alternative music and its history.  An apostrophe is not required here.  It's should only ever be used in the English language as an abbreviation for either it is or it has.
    Good luck with your studies, Ria, and I do mean that.
  12. Horns
    GothExplorer gave a Damn to Depraved in The importance of merchandise   
    I always buy merch if I can when I go to shows, and I always pay in cash. It makes me happy to know I'm doing something to help them, even if it's small, especially for young/new/very underground bands, who in my experience have always been very grateful and appreciative. It's better than buying something from them online because whatever I buy at shows tends to have a unique experience connected with it, particularly if someone in the band was running the merch table when I bought it. If I know that I want to buy something else from a specific band, I typically wait until the next time I see them (if I know they're going to be touring again soon and likely to head my way), try to find out if they'll have any available to sell at the show, and then end up buying everything I want all at once. It's pretty amusing to see their expression sometimes when I hand over a stack of twenties hahaha.  
  13. Horns
    GothExplorer gave a Damn to Sketchosoph in Painting   
    I`ll show some of paintings here. I am an Illustrator and Concept Artist  who loves  Fantasy, Horror and Sci Fi.

  14. Haha
    GothExplorer gave a Damn to ChainsawAkimbo in Heavy Metal Survey   
    Talk about nonsense and not understanding cause and effect.
    1.There are more women in metal these days, because metal is much more mainstream music than it used to be. Way more people are into it = also more women are into it. 
    2.No metal fan gives a fuck what is between your legs. I know metal fans from both genders, from many different professions and people who are in hugely different places in their lives. Just horns up and mosh away.
    3. Why on earth should gender diversity be forced? How about let anyone enjoy whatever they like?
    4.If you experience garbage behaviour at a metal concert, it's because there is a garbage human being around. It has nothing to do with the music. There are some worthless people everywhere where is a crowd.
    5.The satanism part is not even worth a reply. This subject was exhausted allready back in the 90s.
    6.Blaming music (or ANYTHING else) for events like columbine is again just trying forcibly find just something, anything to blame it on. These people committing these acts would find any, just any excuse to commit their murderous fantasies. Not one normal, sane person has ever gone on a murder spree, bullied or not, playing videogames or not, listening to metal or not. Making these absolute nutcases into some kind of victims, instead of seeing them as homicidal psychopaths is "understanding" taken too far.
    Ooops, looks like your survey ticked some of my boxes to catch my full attention, unfortunately it didn't tick a single good box. Now grow some sense, be metal as fuck and get respect, or go shake in your safe spot or whatever you uni folks do these days in the u.s..
    (I apologize if i took it too far, i'm just rarely annoyed at this level) ?
  15. Horns
    GothExplorer given a Damn from Rafusc in Looking for Metal Singer (online project) (Not looking for singers anymore)   
    I have now message the OP with lyrics for Song 3.
  16. Horns
    GothExplorer given a Damn from Rafusc in Looking for Metal Singer (online project) (Not looking for singers anymore)   
    Okay, I have made a start on some lyrics, but it is early days yet.
  17. Horns
    GothExplorer given a Damn from Rafusc in Looking for Metal Singer (online project) (Not looking for singers anymore)   
    I like those songs.  They sound Nightwishy.
    A lot of people think I can sing, but my experience is mostly singing karaoke to people who are probably not the best judges of vocal ability.  I used to write a lot of poetry when younger, but nevertheless I find it hard to write lyrics.
    Maybe I will listen again some time, and then try to write something for you.
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