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  1. Gorgeous, the darker spiritual methodology of the more brilliant Flemish paint style
  2. Immolation Christ's Cage incredible closer
  3. metal is soul music. Listen with your soul and to all the will be revealen truths. As a child Linkin Park is a popular entity but now I evolve towards the greater the spiritual works of infester and Absu
  4. I sense great power of minds here and as such can not stop myself from the drawing to this place of power people.
  5. excellent thoughts. The soul of the different humans yearns for ultimate variety. It has come to me to experiment multiple waves of guitar and piano in different mental contexts.
  6. may your lords watch over the halos of your heart.
  7. 7/10, obscure movie reference of hedwig and the angry inch and does so well. Type O provides the quality music. Here is band and song that has held possession of the soul from me for some time now. Blessings to you comrade. https://keplerdeath.bandcamp.com/track/a-world-beyond-imagination-the-graveyard-of-stars
  8. Vltimas album is terrible and is constituted of the riffs that can only be ascertained as boringness and cliché. No arrangement strenght and effeminate vocals.
  9. I wll contribute in existing and new threads in the expansion of this forum in the divergent manners available. Casting upon you a spell against disease. May your days be filled with terretronic delight.
  10. Blessed be your altars on this psycosmic day
  11. First I am not affiliated with the hereby musicians but impressed how for such raw recording there is incredible potential. Vocals are incredible and come from one mouth, look at track 3 to see how crazy it is. Track 2 shows amazing bass solo in doomy section which is so rare but very powerful death metal tool. track 1 has vicious riffs and incredible guitar bass interplay. Band with most potential of 2020 by far, Kepler. https://keplerdeath.bandcamp.com/track/a-world-beyond-imagination-the-graveyard-of-stars
  12. I am Sigmastic Jeff, long time reader and stalker but now I have to make account to share good finds as many are missing. I like all kinds of music as long as quality deviates upwards. Hope to share the spoils of the musicality with you comrades and future associates.
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