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  1. I'm looking for people for an online experimental grindcore band. Mainly guitar, and bass players. I've been mashing up different genres of music for awhile. I have a home music studio and I'm looking to provide drum tracks and vocals. I'm a lyricist, more so on the conscious side of things than gore, and have tons of material. I actually like having a message in the music other than decapitating puppies. Some bands I dig that I'd say I'm heavily influenced by are old Agoraphobic Nosebleed, No One Gets Out Alive, Converge, Genghis Tron, Shredded Corpse, Napalm Christ, All Out War, CombatWoundedVeteran, Acrid, Pig Destroyer, Benumb, Assūck, Extreme Noise Terror, Disrupt, Dropdead, Brutal Truth and Enemy Soil just to name a few. I've been a lifelong metalhead, and I'm hoping to find the right people for this project. Please hit me up if you are interested.