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  1. One of the most obscure black metal projects that I ever came across, back in the day, was a British band called Redeemer. Virtually nothing was known about them, (I don't know if that's still the case!) whether it was intentional or not on their part, I don't know. But I ended up buying it from a guy in the UK that happened to know one of them by chance. From what I remember the demo was called 'Sorg' an archaic Norse word, which I found interesting, because I'm a Norwegian guy. Anyway, the demo turned out to be a real gem, a curious mixture of old school black metal and the depressive sub-genre that was just starting to take root at that time. In fact it was really reminiscent of the Norwegian Black Metal band Strid (another obscure band). Quite rare as well, only 150 copies were circulated. Update: A quick google search reveals that they're active again: http://www.redeemer.lt