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  1. Hello, i have been playing drums since 2000 and i am looking for black metal bands that i can participate (recordings, live shows, rehearsals). Main inspirations are Dark Funeral, Emperor, old Dimmu Borgir and of course a lot of bands from the underground scene. I am currently located in Thessaloniki (Greece) so i would prefer locations that are accessible by train/airplane for example the Balkans and Eastern Europe in general. You may wonder why not in Greece. The main -and most important- reason is that there are actually not any people playing BM nowadays, especially in Northern Greece, or if there are any, it is almost impossible to find them. Another reason is that, at least, the last 5 years there has been an increase in demand for folk or folk-like Greek music or Greek music from the 30's - 60's so musicians prefer to play those styles and completely avoid metal and of course BM. I would like to post here some of my previous works from a few years ago, things have improved since then but you can get an idea of my playing and if it matches your style/band. https://ingloriousmarch.bandcamp.com/releases https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slYOVAMF4F8 So if there is any band interested to collaborate please contact me. Cheers \m/