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  1. Sorry I skim read your long but we'll written response and I got the wrong impression. I thought you were saying that there was alot more females working in metal bands and in the industry as a whole than most people realise. ? Probably last night's ? did not help.
  2. Absolutely 100 percent agree. After gothic he gave up on the growl too much for me and they did very well at sounding like Metallica load era imo but not for me but they had successful career and paid there mortgages no doubt . Brilliant clean singer but perfect with a few growls. ??Really top combination. Video is a bit depressing but good as it reminds us of the misery that others go through which might make us want to help others. Just my ridiculous take no doubt?
  3. Your right bewitched video is fu*king a. Hilarious but very doom at the same time. ? Not seen many funny metal videos like that for along time as mostly pyschopathic or just very sad and a welcome change ? plus music's is neck brackingly good
  4. Yes thank you gorbogorboze will check a few of those suggestions out. Messiah mecoli sounds ace as he's so dramatic.physical Description is very similar to my favourite cousin maybe that's what he should do next instead of being a fuc**ng writer.? Seriously though I've got alot of great music to keep me occupied espe ially when life throws up a blizzard. Many thanks. ?Your right though candlmass know how to rock to the max. I only listened to latest one and best is in the past no doubt. Though paradise lost recent you tube video is really good. Proves that bands can improve with age. Probably digressing.?blame it on too many ??????????? Very much looking forward to seeing the candlmass bewitched video and no doubt alot better than thAt rubbish UK pop band by the same name. You can not be serious. Ahgg ????the ball was on the line. Chalk flew?sorry John McEnroe Wimbledon tennis moment is hilarious. Digressing again. Sorry ?☠️?
  5. I agree with you on so many points but when we talk about famous household names in metal most are men. There's a fair few women though nightwish singer floor Jansen who are big, evenesence singer, within temptation singer Sharon ?? can't remember the rest, Becca from code orange, Gina from baroness both in biggish bands on guitar. Myrkur mastermind who ruffled a few feathers with her take on black metal who does lots of instruments. Your right though alabaster that theres alot more women playing metal when you look more carefully but there just not all household names but for some reason the numbers of women in metal bands seems to be lower than say pop music. Just my take. Prove me wrong! ?
  6. I was reading about how suicide silence really annoyed there fans with a change of direction from deathcore to a nu metal .the fans were highly fu*ked about this.???? They've gone heavy again apparently.(never listened to them) what other bands have really annoyed there fans so much that a big part of the audience never had much to do with them again. There's got to be some good ones surely. I know of a few but would like to find out what others have to say about this.
  7. Thanks for the recommendations. The sleep one is a good. Been listening to a few of there's on you tube. They've got a amazing reputation. Will check the other one you said Yesssssssss palllbearrrrrrrrrrrrrr great choice. In fact I need to get new headphones as my new ones are not bassy enough or loud enough to fully appreciate there sound. Your right listening to music alot is a must and through headphones is a must for me. Get a few hours in a day. A good doom band is nixa and album is called opus tierra. Should be No1 in the charts but some how is not ?very catchy band from florida with a pallbearer type of sound Out of interest what is considered the best candlemass album and what is your favourite one of there's. Are they the same album? People always speak highly of this band so probably time I gave them a spin. Also need to listen to less black metal.
  8. Thanks for the link to paradise lost even if you accidentally broke rules in doing so. Live and learn. ? Will check out that track. Are you a fan of clean singing Holmes or the growler. ?
  9. 1)new paradise lost album . Should be good and I liked the songs I heard from last album. songs I heard had more of nick holmes famous growel in them which I really liked 2)new Mastodon album- very interested to see what they do. As they can throw in a few curve balls at times ? will it be more digestible like last one or a deep but hard work concept album ? 3) Time 2by wintersun would be great if not just a new album. Maybe this is just wishful thinking to get anything
  10. I have heard noothgrush and there pretty good. Definitely doom metal bits with big crunching chords Oh yeahhhhh??☠️but other styles in there too somebits sounded a bit like death metal influence Will definitely check out dystopia though on your recommendation as I really need to listen to less black metal and will take my mind of the fu***##Corona virus news. Pallbearer are excellent but you need them with lots of bass and I mean loads and very loud too. The risk of neighbours complaining is worth it in my opinion ?
  11. Live after death. What a recording of maiden live. Really gets alot of the energy of it all with great camera work and sound quality is really good like you said. Dodgy clothes though ? mind you other bands no doubt wore worse in the 80s probably another thread for that? i take it most fans count Dickinson as the maiden frontman. There must be a few other classic live filmed concerts anyone? priest and Sabbath likely and Metallica definitely but anymore apart from big 4 live ??☠️
  12. Great thanks audio phile will check those out. I can only guess that bands don't really release many live filmed recordings these days? Has it ever been much of a thing? There are a few recently released ones of note prob amon amarth is best of the newer lived filmed gigs but was quite expensive new.
  13. Assuming there is not already a thread for this I was interested in what are people's favourite recorded filmed live metal shows? I can't go to so many gigs even before Corona due to family commitments but am interested what others like. I really like immortal live at wacken 2007 such energy and show manship, obituary live at bloodstock 2016 just a very good show all round everything very sharp.
  14. Gojira have said they only really make money from touring and not from records these days. They also said they don't need to record an album very often as they've got a big fan base for good touring revenue and might explain 5 years since last album. Metallica never need to record another album as there fan base is just mega ? stadium tours for along time to come. they probably will record another one though which probably won't be as good as album's ending with master of puppets. This is my opinion though and a few others I would imagine share this? and sure hope papa het gets out of rehab Refreshed soon. Smaller bands probably need to record album's and put them out to build up a fan base so they then make proper careers from the music biz which seems harder than ever. Is that the way it still works?
  15. That's great to know he was getting good recognition when he was alive. ? Your right though not the biggest household name. Sadly missed by alot of fans around the world and taken too early by a very nasty illness. ?
  16. I guess you need something to keep you going during this odd Corona period. I get by eating unhealthy amount of sweets as I gave up drinking for health reasons. Re the music Will have to check out some of them bands but with long work hours free time is hard to come by. Which is your favourite band of the 4.
  17. One thing about Neil Peart. do you reckon he was given enough credit for his drumming during his lifetime. Alot of drummers really looked up to him for his technical brilliance and he inspired them to be better players but most of that was said after he passed away. I mean I can't remember him being one of the drummers the media talked about being one of the best but it was pretty obvious he was technically amazing one of the best drummers when you heard rush live or on cd. So much going on with all sorts of different time sigs. I'm not a drummer so I'm just saying what I hear. And finally he died too young imo ?
  18. 1 Will definitely give dusk a go as cradle of filth are a decent band from what I've heard even with all the personel changes. With so many bands around not really listened to them. Dani seems to be the key ingredient to make it work. Am I assuming too much as I've only heard 3 of there tracks. ? Bismuth- the slow dying of the Great barrier reef_ not normally a fan of drone music but again read a review and gave this album a go. which off the bat I just loved. It really gets that ocean vibe to it with lots of decayed elements naturally of course. Vocals are good and they create a great sound for 2 piece band.only two tracks but title track last 30 plus minutes so did not feel short changed. Slow-dantalion- still listening to this again. Quality funeral doom with orchestral light relief in what can be at times a slightly overwhelming record but so atmospheric that it's playing it further.
  19. It took me a few listens but with headphones especially pallbearers heartless album sounds really great. Such power and I really like the lyrics too. Old album's are very strong too. Not reinvention of genre but there music is great to listen to. I envisioned it being music anybody would like and they would get quite big. Very accessible but I was a bit wrong about everyone liking there music. I was asked by a friend to get them a great record and they did not like heartless at all. But I got a cd out of it. ? .Not for everyone and would love to see them live again soon. Did a great set at Camden underworld last year in a small but famous venue with not great acoustic s due to low ceilings. Have I got that wrong re acoustics at underworld. What do others think about pallbearer. Would be interested to hear people opinion these days as the comments are from couple of years ago. What blutAusNerd said was interesting though. Are they a band that you love of just don't get. No middle area?
  20. 1) korpi by kalmakantaja ok so this band does release a lot of albums and this album has realluy grown on me. it initially was a bit generic but after more listens its getting respectable 2)emperor- in the nighshade eclipse. fanatastic album. stone cold classic.no real need to talk about it technically because its just a bm classic. yes the band did some terrible things but they've done there time. the music is just amazing. transports me to fantasy land which is a lot better than being stuck at work non stop for a whole week. ?? 3 no time for a third
  21. hell yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Lord_Man_Hammer_ is spot on with pallbearer, every album amazing and very good live as well. though not sure my cousin liked them, has not spoken to me much since about the gig, pallbearer are very good and people should give them a go great songs,lyrics, vocal;s music 2 nixa's latest album opus tierra is really good. I mean this album should be really big as its catchy, got great vocals, interesting lyrics and the production they got on the album is amazing the riffs are as massive as the himalayers and this is for a band that pretty much died and had to reinvent themselves. illimitable dolors debut record is great. after the death of there band mate they created this band to pay tribute to there fallen brother. an outstanding doom band from oz but maybe that's the select few to be honest as they seem to hbave a small following 4 to be honest there is no 4 yet as I listen to toomuch black metal and funeral doom as well ?
  22. marvel comics are great. captain America is really my favouirite. read winter soldier before seeing the film. book is much better in my opinion. great pictures storyline and interesting to make captain America come across as a bit less wooden which he can come across that way a bit in the movies. still love the movies though and appreciate them more after reading the graphic novels. should read more of them what do people recommend
  23. An excellent response ? everydays a school day as they say. I used to listen to vinyl mostly as a youngster as it was alot cheaper than full price CDs and I preferred them to tapes. I couldn't play CDs easily as only player was my parents and they hated my music with a passion? even after all these decades there metal fans
  24. For me I listen to mostly MP3 recordings as they are cheap and I don't get the clutter of loads of physical copies of the album which is useful in my small house. If I had the space I would get vinyl as sound to me ears is generally a bit better. Plus googled it and experts say vinyl is superior to c CDs as the full recorded sound wave is captured on vinyl where CDs don't.think that's what it was saying?
  25. First proper metal festival I went to was bloodstock 2016 as reading is not for me a metal festival. I had a great day. Rotting Christ were amazing live I can't say why but it really worked but they sounded great and looked metal as fuck? Paradise lost were amazing when they played there early stuff. The singer was right on it that day as not always the case. Gojira were excellent with lots of pyro????. Mastodon probably were rather good but I was getting really bad stomach pain so did not enjoy the Mastodon too much.? Only stayed one day as me and heavily pregnant wife did not fancy making a weekend of it plus at mid thirties at time felt we were a bit old ?as we've stayed all weekend before.
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