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  1. And another band is Fallujah. There dreamless album I liked but album after I did not like. the singer left and he sings differently. I've not take to it. Has anyone got examples of where personel change in a band they like has not worked for the better.
  2. Out of interest what are people's favourite horror theme tunes. For me Halloween is really good and one of my favourites. So catchy and simple but so effective for me anyway.
  3. Yeah definitely agree with you about blockbuster Natassja. I found some gems just by browsing. If you like ring and silent hill film Dark water is worth watching plus its one I discovered at blockbuster. It's by ring author. Worth a download imo. Japanese version is better one Yeah wicker Man. Looking forward to seeing that again.
  4. Father alabaster thanks for the technical details. Very interesting. Definitely agree with you that using the tools to do a great job is essential and especially for cover art as I can imagine it's very competitive area of work.
  5. I would say now for me the fan. I've got so much choice on steaming and download sites. In the past getting smaller band music was harder but now thanks to streaming and download sites its alot easier.
  6. Mine is short but my dad used to play dire straits in the car for long journeys and I liked the sound but I wanted something heavier. That was when I knew metal was for me. I was probably about 8 years old?first proper metal song I heard was pantera and sepultura on a metal compilation album my uncle gave me. Shedding skin and terrortiary, I was shocked because I thought a monster was singing. Soon came round to the music though.
  7. Father alabaster good to hear from you. Tbh that's interesting what you say re tweaking pictures in photo shop to create an improved picture. I've certainly used basic photo edit in the past to good effect when I was part of a art group but wasn't sure if it cheating. I guess it's just another tool to utilise abit like using an iPad to draw with. I know someone who does really good stuff on that. Your music sounds interesting. Have you posted on this site.
  8. Also have you seen Japanese version of the ring. Well worth a watch. Not seen for many years but was worth the watch when I got it from blockbuster video years ago. Similar film to silent hill for me anyway.
  9. At least it wasn't just me who liked the silent hill movies NAT. ? I guess it wasn't most original but look of film worked well for me at least, if atmospheric fog and smoke is your thing. Story was interesting too. Which wicker Man are you watching the modern one or Christopher Lee original
  10. These are the original ones I mentioned mudmon and mudpile look pretty cool as do haunter and evil face. Are these ones you guessed I meant
  11. I've included a picture of my cards. The blue one was voted No1 in some big survey in 2020. So a popular one. Thanks for advice re image upload. ?
  12. Good to hear from you again. You've got some good Pokémon. Pinsir very metal looking to me with the heavy build and he looks armoured too like he's got on suit of armour, mouth and pinsir head are bit intimidating too. I would not like to meet this guy late at night in a deserted alley. ? Re those Pokémon I mentioned. I will probably just upload screen shot but your probably right
  13. Frasier. I tend to remember those especially nasty things too. Like there was a guy I used to know from work who got 20 plus years and he very much deserved that. I won't say what on this thread. I read about it in local paper and I can't forget what he did to the victims. Re movies has anyone seen silent hill. It's a very atmospheric film based on video game starring Sean bean. I definitely liked the look of film. Lots of fog and smoke. amazing visuals . Not that much happens as I remember but it's definitely quite creepy.
  14. Some people say speed metal took inspiration from there fast songs. I can't quite see that but it's interesting idea. They also say the way Ian Gillen sang especially child of time with the use of big vocals was also inspiration for metal. Im not sure about that but I like there music for the harder stuff they did. In Rock is a good one. Tbh not listened to that for few years so worth a play. Have you got a favourite record of theres
  15. Thanks Natassja. Thanks for the recommendation re rob zombie film, what a talent eh rock star and good movie director. And digging up the marrow will have to Google that. j Thanks for link.
  16. Is digging up the marrow really a movie. ??? Sounds horrendous bit I'm ignorant about it so is that comedy horror on purpose or unintentionally? I've heard good things about house of 1000. Probably worth a Google to find out plot.was that his breakthrough film. Sounds interesting. What's idea behind that
  17. Fantastic you've done some cover art and achieved a youth ambition plus your doing some now. Great stuff. Too many people never achieve there youth ambition so I doff my hat to you. Interesting how you can either do other people's work or your own stuff. Who knows why tbh. Probably only you can work that out. But maybe both require so much concentrated attention that it's really really tough to do both. with re finding it difficult to paint for your own music it's probably very healthy that you do more photo based stuff and have the variety of that. Doing the photo stuff may help when your Painting. Your right probably hard to do your own cover art when you compose it too. Makes sense as you've probably got stronger opinions about what the music means which makes creating original painting really hard. Also do you ever Photoshop a painting. Or is this cheating. ? Also what genre of music do you write?
  18. H34vym3t4....... II've had a look at the original Pokémon, these for appearance are quite cool ones: mudmon and mudpile, haunter and evil face.no idea if there good in the game.
  19. That's an impressive and very well kept collection. Just out of interest who's your favourite Pokémon. I tried putting screenshot of my Japanese Pokémon cards up but file was too big. Ahhhhn ?
  20. Slayer- reign in blood. I love that record from start to finish. Not a wasted song for me. Its there peak for me. Definitely the album to get and should think most fans have this already. It's so exciting. Definitely speeded a few times to this by mistake which I'm not proud of? although got away with it ?
  21. blaaacdoommmmfan


    Blut aus nerd New Zealand is really worth visiting when covid drops off to allow travel again. I went to north island around five years ago. It's probably best place I've traveled too. Lots of good places to visit. Very unspoilt. It reminded me of southern California but without the freeways.? Down side is it's super expensive.
  22. Funny, I thought it was Doritos, Mountain Dew, and increasingly mild self-loathing. Don't forget the vindaloo curry. Prog legend Rick wakeman at one concert had vindaloo ordered for straight after the show. When it arrived early the roadie put it down for Rick to eat. He thought it was what he normally has. Wonder how he held it together because he did. ? And no toilet trips apparently. Maybe brown trouser time ?
  23. Do you play the video game or the cards or is it just appreciation of the artwork Re film. Thanks for info, also good to know filmmakers didn't mess with the back story too much and kept it reasonably authentic to you. Will watch it when it's on TV. Probably ITV2 in 6 months ?
  24. Cool. Will see rest of sepultura live video you posted. It's really good but got bit distracted with life and lack of free time. I've been watching children of bodum live as after Kerry king was singing Alex laiho praises thought I would check it out. What an amazing player live and so quick. Keyboardist is great too. So sad he died at 41. Whilst I'm not biggest fan of there sound I can really appreciate the skill and like the music enough to keep watching.
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