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  1. Been listening to Wedard as of recently not so much doom as black metal isolation music, really good stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUNsAuGdAblE
  2. Yo that Bewitched video is so rad, epic, and hilarious it makes me giggle like a little kid. Plus the singer looks like a metal version of Donkey Lips from Salute Your Shorts.
  3. I've been riding my bike hard as shit listening to Pallbearer and Salems Pot swooo sick like those redneck kids in Gummo so badass! In my opinion when riding bikes or skating is to have a soundtrack for random encounters, life is not meant to lived in fearl but to avoid most humans in general.
  4. What Cirith Ungal album should I start with? I missed the mark with certain bands and finding their uniqueness. For ex. I had head Mastadon and seen them but at the time I wasn't for it as I saw it as a hybrid of different genres which I wasn't thrilled about. Now that I have time to devour and appreciate it, it really speaks volumes and talent. For me I like Dystopia as it covers every aspect of punk/metal. Many bands over haven't explored this option.
  5. I smoke entirely too much weed and have been in isolation for awhile now. I know I am okay. If I were to bring in another micro doom/sludge list bands Noothgrush, Dystopia, EHG, Grief/Brainoil. Music you could really bang your skull to.
  6. Conan Pallbearer Sleep St. VItus
  7. Lord_Man_Hammer_


    Although I've joined in on the hate for this band longtime ago (ICP kids were loosely associated with this band) and yes I was a fan for their first 3 albums. I've recently started listening to it with a fond new appreciation. From their selftitled to their recent incarnation they've taken many dives into some weird genres and lineup changes. This is why I've changed my opinion on them they've stayed the same which is admirable as they've pioneered a less than appreciated subgenre called numetal, filled with confused misunderstood kids looking for an identity in this world. Although it wasn't my first taste into the metal community as that was a cannibal corpse and a lesser known band My Apathy that brought me in the fold for music venue shows. What made me greatly identify with this band was a few personal issues that happened to me and few friends as well, we bonded over the pain pleasure and enjoyed each others company. I was also a very confused kid who lived in the suburbs in the rural bible belt who listened to anything and everything that was hard and heavy during the 90's music was an outlet that you had to go blindly in to based on record covers or word of mouth (no internet just yet) but soon followed after the life is peachy album. For those wondering if this is a loveletter or a confession I'd say it is both for the band in general and those homies I miss during that time, hopefully life dealt you a good hand and RIP to those that have passed we'll meet in Valhalla.
  8. I really like Witchcraft and other doom bands that sound straight out of the 70's. Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, Witchcraft, Zior, Beastmaker, Pentagram, Highway Robbery. If you guys ever get a chance checkout Highway Robbery For the Love Of Money. Highway Robbery
  9. Having been involved in many music venues and promotions albeit bands I've been in. How do say this without sounding like a snob. I find Pentagram as a whole a great band especially the early years, however do to Bobby's recent arrest for beating up his elderly mum I find it hard to respect anyone who puts hands on an elderly woman especially since she housed him for many many many many years.