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  1. hail to that man! mental diarrhea, absolutely... well, for sure I’m listening to new or more recent stuff too, totally, but my mind and my heart is stock in the good old times....
  2. yeah actually a lot, but to name a few very important bands for me it would be Carcass, Entombed , Morgoth (only the old stuff), Obituary, Bolt Thrower...and so on and for sure Chuck! On the Black Metal side Dark Throne, Horna, Sargeist (the finnish stuff in general, my roots besides the swiss ones) ...underground...I’m collecting vinyls so there are many bands or albums I like.
  3. I was never that great in introducing myself...I’m living now in germany since a time, but actually I was born in switzerland, a long time ago. I’m old school, not just by age, also my interest in music is manly old school stuff. I started in the beginning of the 90ties with Death Metal..later on Black Metal too. I’m playing guitar and bass myself since I was a teenager, so since the 90ties...somehow I’m stock in that time..hehe....I’m here because I’m tired of social media in a way, I prefer to talk about music for real and not scrolling endlessly through some selfies, before finally finding something interesting...