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  1. Hey everyone, Joined up recently to learn more from the community. Not trying to post a damn PSA here, but to describe myself, my name is Kyle and I run a little record shop here in Houston, Tx. and am a total metal noob lol (maybe not that bad but I'm definitely a novice). Y'all's posts are teaching me a lot that I need to learn as it seems the metal community has kinda become our main audience and I'd like to have more knowledge as we work with more and more customers. I will mostly be reading stuff on the various feeds and pretty much only posting on the PSA forum side of things as we get a lot rare metal records, tapes, CDs, and memorabilia frequently. Being in Texas, we get some crazy stuff, too! (e.g. Devastation, Dead Horse, Pantera, etc.). ??? -Kyle
  2. I came across tons of original 80s concert shirts recently. Some of them are up on eBay right now under the seller name RUNSKEETER . You can also feel free to reach out via email --> [email protected] All of the shirts are vintage and authentic (over 60 shirts in total). The lady at my bank said she didn't want them in her house anymore because they are "Christian now". Go figure. So her loss is y'all's treasure. Enjoy!
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