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  1. Two percussionists are DickFace/Pinoccio and the "Clown" did some small parts and professional rhythm of the songs like Psychosocial and People = Sh*t... That's the one i agree about! Like you Woutjinho, same with me, i don't know what was pinhead was doing during Performance Live Stage.. It's so weird to find him with Slipknot and he's not that evolved with the band.. Strange! Never heard of Mate Feed Kill Repeat?! I'll listen to the albums anyway what you wanted us to listen to: "Gentry" "Confessions"! -Feidz tbh im bored out of my fucking mind so i just decided to look thru old slipknot forums, and yall are fukken stupid. craig, "pinhead" is the sampler for the band; he makes live performances work, he makes everything sound like the actual song. have yall never even heard of samplers??????