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  1. Hello all, really got interested in black metal almost by accident; was once in Leeds and decided to take a chance back then on what I thought was just a load of noise, how wrong I was! Now its not exactly defined generally as black metal, COF Cruelty and the Beast got me started in the realms of metal more importantly and from there it developed into an intense, but short lived psychotic rage almost over Hyprocisy albums (melodic death metal?) the tides switched with a period of illness and had more time to spare on music. Somehow it morphed into black metal interests but can't for the life of me remember how. Here is what i've been listening to of late Belphegor, Baxaxaxa, Ritual, Maniac Butcher and Wolves Eyes
  2. In terms of black metal my taste is quite specific, mainly like occult material but above albums are my regular listening album/s. Baxaxaxa are incredible in terms of the atmospheric/occult type stuff. Darkthrone, dude I love Darkthrone so maybe my list was just limited to off the top of my head, spare of the moment kind of deal. Dissection is on my like list, mainly their newer post 2000 music albums
  3. Wolves Eyes are very well respected, but not incredibly well known, despite the raw black metal sound one can come to expect from them, very underground for sure. Beneath the banners of the elders is a euphoria inducing metal song and an absolute goldmine of bands I will include also, whom of which may of only released a few, or even just 1 album/s. Always a pleasure to help anyhow; December Moon - Source of origin 1996 - Spinefarm Records?? Witchbane - Soldiers of Hell 1997/8 ? II Moons C.O.F - Cruelty and the Beast - 1998 - MFN Hecate Enthroned - All 90's Albums are pure majestic ... etc
  4. 1. Maniac Butcher 2. Profanum 3. Hecate Enthroned 4. Cradle of Filth 5. December Moon
  5. Well it all started from humble beginnings for me, but I do remember been nearly blasted across the room by this massive alien type amplifier system from a very young age, would of usually been synth pop that my parents would listen to, but now predominantly black metal ''for me at least''. Since about 2013 been into Black Metal from listening to some of the late 1990's albums by such artists as Witchbane, Profanum, COF ''Although their exact style never seems to be in one place at any given time'' and early Manes too. Mainly the occult dude.