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  1. Thanks for the heads up on Deicide and 6 Feet Under--- listened to " Ghosts Of The Undead" and " Dead By Dawn" Both bands are sick as hell. And, yeah Balor -- BoltThrower are on my " must own everything list " now.
  2. If you arent squeamish with the PC touchy feely stuff and loved the Mentors and GG --- Check out A Killing Tradition from Florida. They proudly wave their influences by the above mentioned bands and give Charlie and the Family a nod with " Charlie Loves You"
  3. So I guess Im posting on an old thread ( do you guys string newbs up for this offense?) ,but I love Punk and Oi! Because the Oi scene has been losing its momentum Ive gravitated back towards the metal stuff. For a heavier sound check out Concrete Elite from Texas--- incredible band! Also, if any if any of you are into that jangly guitar 60s Brit guitar sound with solid vocals --- listen to the Templars from New York. Hard as nails Power Violence--- listen to my buddy's band from S.F.called Aninoko--- the vocals are all in Tagalog and really pissed off! I highly recommend. And,lastly if you like irreverent and offensive in the vein of the Mentors--- check out A Killing Tradition -- the track called " Charlie Loves You" is harder than shit!
  4. Hey! Glad to be here. I just started to check out 6 Feet Under. Barnes is a powerhouse! His gutterals are insane......and this may be sacrilege-- but I think Im partial to CorpseGrinder on vox. BoltThrower--- even being immersed in the punk stuff I dont know how I ever missed out. The sound is like a wrecking ball run amok. Has anybody heard Conjuror - Fight or Yield? Incredible!! No-- it was an Evil Dead reference,but it sounds like I should check out Deicide. I'm kinda falling back in love with metal again so I have a lot of catching up to do.
  5. I just picked up Acid Witch " Evil Sound Screamers" on disc, Downward Spiral " Iron Age" snd have been foing a lot of digital for convenience. I grabbed Conjuror Fight or Yield - digital/cd combo
  6. Hello from the S.F.area! I was a metalhead fpr awhile as a teen,but ended up gravitating towards Oi/Punk/N.Y.H.C.and alt,,but found myself recently becoming really drawn back to lthe intensity and musicianship that metal has. Im not so hot with the genre,sub-genre stuff,but I guess Im really digging on Death Metal,Black Metal,Grindcore,War Metal ,and still love some Thrash and Crossover. I'm really loving: Cannibal Corpse Bolt Thrower Ghoul Acid Witch 1914 Brujeria I also had the great fortune to see Neurosis at the Gilman St.Project in Berkeley Pain of Mind era--- pre Word As Law.
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