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  1. I recall back when that song came out, and in the back of a Guitar Magazine they tabbed it out with lyrics and it said something along the lines of “you have something I want and I take it from you.” When I listen I cant hear anything but that.
  2. Yeah djent is rough. When I first heard it I was like "oh cool it's like Meshuggah but a whole style" and then every geometric-themed album cover and band names that are sentences (discarding the fact that my band name is a complete English sentence) I got totally knocked out by how similar they all sounded. I totally agree that the lack of solid riffs and the identical sanitary production style really doesn't help it at all. Also the vocalists all sound like they are doing this weird thing that I can't quite place, but it's like they are doing that thing that teenagers do where they sound like they are yelling but quietly, and then just cranking up the gain
  3. BTAKQ


    Yeah the new album is so good. I’m kind of a weirdo and couldnt get into anything of theirs after Mysteriis, and thought Deathcrush and Leipzig are their best releases but Daemon really does it for me. The vocals are more intense and passionate and actually fit the brutality of the music rather than being weird.
  4. I found their earlier stuff too repetitive and all kinda smooshing together. I think each album sounds better than the previous. I don’t really think of them as a great BM band, but rather an electronic metal band that utilizes black metal influences perfectly. I think the song “Obscene As cancer” is their best and it’s one of my favorite songs of all time tbh. Their Mysteriis Dom Sathanas cover is dope tho.
  5. I'm 33 years young. For the first time in my life I'm right in the middle of the age group at my work. Usually I'm the youngest and for like a year I was weirdly among the oldest.
  6. Yeah nü-metal gets a lot of flack but some good bands and albums came from the movement, and it was a great stepping stone for tons of people for metal as a whole. The first time I heard a blastbeat and enjoyed it was a Slipknot song! I’m a little younger than you (33) but our story is common.
  7. Thanks! I lived in Brooklyn for a couple years but when my wife and I moved in together we relocated to The Bronx. A friend of mine was doing a performance art circuit where people not in the education field choose a topic they know a lot about and give a lecture on it at a redesigned music venue. Other topics that evening were ape archaeology and alien sighting history in the Southwestern US.
  8. NONE is legit. I like Nadja and Moss and wall-of-sound depressing doom bands that you can sleep to and NONE is like the sadder black metal version of that.
  9. My mom would play hair metal when I was a kid and when she met my stepdad, he brought classic heavy metal like Led Zep and Sabbath to the household. This was the early 90s so I associate stuff like Thin Lizzy and AC/DC with being woken up to do yardwork in the summer. I started listening to the mid-90s trendy stuff like Tool and Korn with my friends, and one of them started playing Slayer (Seasons in the Abyss, I think) while we were skateboarding one day. I was pretty into all the nu-metal stuff at that point, and Slayer was the first real fast, brutal band that blew me away with how evil and cathartic it sounded. I also accidentally bought the Mortal Kombat OST which had Napalm Death and Fear Factory on it, which remained two of my favorite bands for years. I would stay up late Sunday nights in middle school (like '98, '99) to catch an extreme metal radio show in Phoenix and try to tape it so I could listen to it on my Walkman at school the next day. In high school I kinda fell out of metal and got into Radiohead and Neutral Milk Hotel and weird art-rock, which still holds a spot in my heart, but then stumbled upon an Eighteen Visions/Lamb of God/Five Pointe O/Mushroomhead show at a tiny venue and it wrecked my shit and I dove deeper into metal. I started jamming with a drummer who turned me onto Discordance Axis and At The Gates and there was no turning back. It's almost like drugs. I keep finding something new that makes me feel this intense floaty jaw-dropping feeling and then I get used to it, and then find something else. The newest thing for me is some black metal, and who knows what the next will be.
  10. I feel silly posting a "Hi howya doin'" post but Hello! I have always loved heavy metal, from Whitesnake and Sabbath as a little kid to Slipknot (I was a teenager and it was their debut album, come on) to At The Gates in college and Buried at Sea and Napalm Death as an old man in my 30s. It's the best genre. I like endurance athletic events like running really far and riding my bicycle even farther and I also make my own music and release albums. I make doom/drone metal in one project and make black/death metal in another project. I've been in grindcore and post-hardcore bands and have discussions at work about which nu-metal band was the best with unsuspecting coworkers. I have also given an academic lecture on the history of grindcore from 1981-2006 to a room of about 50 people with zero interest in the topic. I have mostly been a grind/death fan until about two years ago when I heard Belphegor's Bondage Goat Zombie and Oathbreaker's Rheia, which made me go down the rabbit hole of black metal and, once you weed out the gross Nazi garbage, is a really amazing style in terms of how noisy, brutal, absolutely ridiculous, and beautiful it can be. Uh ok cool!