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  1. Ok, wow this has helped me so much, I’ve found 5 new bands I like. Orphaned land, persuader, sanctuary, solitude aeternus and holy terror. Thank you all sooo much, you’ve been a great help, and I have a much better of what heavy metal is now. so once again, thanks a bunch.
  2. Ok, yup, I’m liking the crimson glory and holy terror. I love their more old school feel to them, and their fast paced beat, I know I’ve been very unclear with my likings so far, and I apologize for that, so to clarify, I’ll list off my three favourite songs to gage off of. 3. Phedora - one breath away I like how the melody is nice like good ol’ rock n roll, while still being heavy at the same time. And I love this type of vocals 2. The Raven Age - fleur de Lis I’m really dig it’s fast paced beat to it and it’s major sound in the chorus and how it flips back to minor in the verses (I think I used the correct terminology). And this is more a side note, but I love how at one point, it slows right down to just vocals and one guitar doing harmony and another doing melody 1. The Raven Age - Betrayal of the mind This, I just, it’s just so perfect for my taste in music. I just genuinely love every part of it. The ideal picture of a perfect song to me.
  3. My bad, I didn’t realize just how many bands had clean vocals, I like melodic metal core, groove metal and alternative metal
  4. Hey everyone Midnight here. I’m pretty new to metal and I’m looking for some metal that’s got the same beat, rhythm, and over all feel as metal, but without the harsh vocals, I love metal bands that use clean vocals primarily, like Phedora and The Raven Age, but I can’t find any other bands like them. So if any of you know of any, I’d love to hear back, and I am open to try pretty much anything new (music wise). Thanks a bunch.
  5. Oops, forgot the point of that post... heh... I’m from Nova Scotia Canada, I love to mountain bike, cubing (look it up if curious) and I play piano. I am fairly new to this whole metal scene, so far, and as McD’s says “I’m lovin’ it!” I’m into more the modern melodic metal (with clean vocals) and, well really, anything metal with clean vocals (I know, that’s kind of an oxymoron) call me a wimp or what have it, but I can’t stand those harsh vocals of modern metal bands. I apologize to all those diehard metal fans who are sitting in their chairs, just dying on the inside right now... Aaaaand I like The Raven Age and Phedora. Well now that I’ve bored you and took up a solid five minutes of your life, I’m happy to be a part of this community and I hope to see you all later. Peace
  6. Ayo! I’m Midnight, and to be honest, I’m just here to find out more about metal, sooooooooo, yeah! See ya out there!