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  1. How about polish Infernal War? Check this out
  2. beautifully written. hit in point. there is always a substitute of the night, this peace and quiet when I come back home at 12 at night - priceless, as if no one paid attention to the time of day is overturned. you can be charmed but sometimes you miss the deep and beautiful black night.
  3. There is some hour or two in the night when is little darker, between 1 and 3 pm. I found more from my collection
  4. Celtic Frost - A dying god coming into human flesh
  5. ... and tomorrow will go to work like this:
  6. electricwizard


    Assasin's Creed Black Flag and The Witcher - for this time the best for me A lot of sleepless nights and long searches. And during breaks I recommend...
  7. Nice ha? Only 4 shows in 2019 all lineup is brilliant!
  8. Great for night listening. Especially Dopethrone, Electric Wizard and Come my fanatics. Slowly, hypnotically. Something beautiful, like a heavy missile in my head hehe. Love it
  9. Are any of you going to this year's brutal assault in the Czech Republic? Has anyone been in previous years? great and diverse festival https://www.brutalassault.cz/en/line-up
  10. true, but for now the clouds are more unique here than anywhere else
  11. Finally! Fresh blood in www metal forum world. Coming from Poland but living in Norway. Fan of doom, hardcore, black, death, heavy. In love with dark and cold Norway. Hope for interesting time and discussions here! Greetings to all!
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