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    I like nu-metal, cats, learning about mental health and a good looooooong laugh.
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    eating, scrabble, board games, looooong messages, wine, rum, harry potter, hugs

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  1. I think I got really lucky with my bestfriend in school, my this one aunt and the coming of the internet. 2002 was such a good time to lie about your age online so older people would talk to you hahaha and hey they thought I was 16! Great! How old are you, Relentless? 😆 that took me waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to get, i blame 3 hour evening class on therapy. white pony is always a great album, i think anyone would say so and my favouritest song Pink Maggit is on it and beautiful Maynard, what a solid album. actually if i remember correctly, i only started listening to deftones and getti
  2. Great! Cause I hear I can get clingy and will refresh obsessively for the next 57 mins to see if you'll reply my introductions post 😛
  3. Just saying hello because Deftones = #1 for me.
  4. Ello, thought I'd say hello since we are possibly the newest members on here :}
  5. Ello all! Bear with my intro, I can get a little wordy. So a friend texted me to say a Linkin Park cover band was playing at a Beer festival in Singapore and I being all heartbroken still about Chester, I rounded up like 7 people so we could go do some yelling as it's obviously good to yell to music, relieves all the bad juju and all that. I then got stuck in a huuuge black hole and read a bunch of line-ups for festivals seas away from me as I'm in a tiny little dot on the map. Felt crappy about missing out such dope line-ups (I like most metal music but something about nu-metal has
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