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    One man musical producer out of Bellville, Cape Town. I make all kinds of music, but passionate about metal, punk, rock and the like. I also build and mod electric guitars for fun. But I'm not very good at it.
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    South Africa
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    photography, reading, music, guitar

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    Cape Town, South Africa

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  1. Thank you, man, I appreciate it and look forward to hanging.
  2. Hi All - from Cape Town, South Africa. Keen to see what this forum is buzzing about. I'm a musician that makes metal, rock, and all sorts of music in my little backroom. Not for a living, but for the passion of it!!
  3. Hi all, I'm Vortex Afternoon - yes, a one man music project. I've been recording as Crashtackle as well, but decided to change my band name when I released this EP on the 17th of May. I'd love you to check my stuff out and leave some thoughts by checking out my Youtube playlist of the album and even subscribing Also, I am on bandcamp at http://vortexafternoon.bandcamp.com and all the other streaming sites. The topic is war, but not in the black metal kind of way, but more just looking at what creates this monster.
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