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    I'm 32 years old. I'm currently doing an internship at a research institution in software development. I studied computational linguistics and worked as a scientist for 4 years after getting my diploma. After a short stay in the software development industry I had to take a break for health-related reasons. Right now I'm making my re-entry into the industry by doing an internship at a large research institution in Germany. I'm aiming at a return to the industry by the end of the year.
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    Stuttgart, Germany
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    Composing, Writing Poetry, Reading Fantasy, Playing Keyboard/Organ, Programming, Listening to Music

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  1. My favorite band. Nothing comes close to Hansi's voice and their music. I think their peak actually was fairly recently with "At the edge of time" album. Probably their only album where they have two epics instead of one, Sacred Worlds and Wheel of Time. But almost the whole album is fantastic. I say almost because Control the Divine and Valkyries are truly boring songs. But the rest make up for it. And Hansi's performance is my favorite out of any album (I'm not into the way he sings on Imaginations, all the raw stuff hides the clean part of his voice too much). But mainly it's because Wheel of Time is such a truly magnificent song. Has someone posted the news about the orchestra album already? Couldn't find anything yet, so here it goes: http://www.blind-guardian.com/2019/03/01/blind-guardians-twilight-orchestra-legacy-of-the-dark-lands-teaser/ It's called "Legacy of the dark lands" and is due to be released November 1! It looks like it's really gonna happen, I thought it never would lol
  2. Hi metalheads! I have recently picked my to date one-man project up again, which is a project about telling stories with dark, dramatic and epic metal music. The demo versions of the first 4 songs of the first album, "The Final Law", are up on soundcloud now. As I haven't yet begun the search for a singer the vocal line is played by a flute. All songs are composed and exported in/from guitar pro 7. You can listen to the songs here: The songs are meant to be listened to in reverse order, so "The Tale Begins" goes first, then "The Red Dance" and so on. Any comment both on the sound and the composition is greatly appreciated. "The Final Law" is about an elite fleeing a destroyed earth and taking over an alien culture, while on the earth they left behind a new society ruled by the final law arises. What is the final law? That will be revealed in the last song. Not explicitly, but the final line of the last song is also the final law. As I already know the names of the tracks, here is the full tracklist. Everything except the first four tracks is not yet written: 1. The Tale Begins 2. The Red Dance 3. Requiem 4. Two Faces 5. Execution 6. Grey Thrones 7. Empire 8. Star by Star 9. The Final Law 10. The hall of whispers
  3. This is awesome stuff! The music is exciting, the instruments and vocals are well played, and the quality of the sound is amazing! Only thing I think you'd need is a good looking website, your music deserves one, the facebook page is a bit bland to be honest. But musically you have everything, technical skills, songwriting skills, production, it's all there. Really impressive.
  4. How do you know there are? Are there any studies that show that we become less critical as a society? What evidence do you have that convinces you that there is such a significant group? I think the opposite (but don't know any studies verifying either view) is true: The herd is an illusion created by a small group of people being very vocal about something. It's like with fanatically evangelical Christians. Most Christians aren't, but the few who are are so vocal about it that it seems that there are a lot of them. But doesn't objectivity mean that you acknowledge both the good and bad aspects of something, not just the bad? Does black metal actually acknowledge the good aspects of society?
  5. What exactly is "the herd"? Please elaborate. There is no "the herd". Society is a collection of herds, and just about every one of them thinks they're special. Christians, satanists, metalheads, pop fans, classic fans, every one of them thinks they're special. And they all are, they all are special in their way. I think it's an illusion to think metal as a subgroup is any more or less special than any other subgroups and therefore somehow its members can have any level of objectivity about society. We all see the world and our fellow human beings through the filters of the groups we belong to, all our minds are clouded by the shared beliefs of the groups we belong to. No one is truly objective about society as a whole. To be truly objective one would have to be a member of no group, and that is impossible. EDIT: To answer the original question, I think someone else adressed it already, I don't think of the music I listen to as dark. My mother does. Most metalheads wouldn't what I listen to call dark. I would call most extreme metal dark. One of the posters in this thread doesn't. I think negative is just really in the eye of the beholder when it comes to music. EDIT: @Crusader: I think what is so interesting about fantasy, from the perspective of a story teller, is that you can explore views you don't personally believe in through your characters.
  6. I don't know if that counts as spiritual, but metal releases energy in me like nothing else and puts the biggest grin on my face. For example, every time I hear the opening of Night Witches by Sabaton. That's me grinning like a kid in a toy store. My former music teacher in high school said she rarely ever met a person who is willingl to give himself up so completely in the service of music. I'm literally a different person when I sing or play. When I sing, I am full of energy and light. It is like a cleansing for my soul. So is listening to (some) music. Sometimes when I listen to music it's so wonderful that I wonder why I ever do anything else in my free time. @Stringfellow_HawkeRob Rock's "Millenial Reign" is one of my favorite metal songs. I'm not Christian, but the lyrics are just so epic, and it's rare for a metal band to sing of one thousand years of peace, usually it's the opposite.
  7. For some reason songs about fictional characters going through great trials. "Wheel of Time" of Blind Guardian comes to mind. The whole part onwards from "the young man said I will never give up, the inner war, I can hold against it" is possibly the most mesmerizing piece of music I ever heard. The whole story captures the battle of light and dark within us all so perfectly. For songs about real events, Sabaton's "The Price of a Mile", "A Lifetime of War" and "The Final Solution". Especially the Final Solution, because it's part of my country's history. What's been done to minorities in this country only 80 years ago is just incomprehensible for me, I think for most people who didn't live through it. And nowadays, we still have issues, but nowadays persecuted people from other countries see asylum in Germany. The Final Solution is sad for the events it talks about, but it also symbolizes how far Germany has come since those events. It's not easy for a song to be moving to me, but "The Final Solution" makes me cry. For a non-metal song, "Why" by Nicole Nordeman. You know, religion is responsible for a lot of shit, and I'm not even Christian anymore (agnostic), but the story of Jesus is still inspiring. God is too much like a holier than thou, far removed entity for me to believe in, but the Jesus of Christian theology really gave a shit about the weak and the poor. He embodies the philosophy that you should care about people even when you don't have to and it's inconvenient, for no other reason than it's the right thing to do.
  8. Gloryhammer comes to mind (since you mention Alestorm). I still laugh every time he sings about the army of unicorns riding into the fray. I agree metal takes itself too seriously. I mean of course if you tell a story, like Rhapsody of Fire or Blind Guardian most of the time, then it depends solely on the story if humour is appropriate. On an album like "Nightfall in Middle Earth" there's no way humour would fit in. But generally I think it has its place. Of course metal taking itself too seriously has the side effect that some bands are unintentionally funny. I saw Darkthrone on Summerbreeze once. I confused them with another band and went to see them. It was an experience of intense suffering. EDIT: That I mercifully decided to cut short after a song or two. EDIT 2: It's interesting though how much tastes differ, I read on some forum once that someone found Hansi Kürsch's vocals hillariously awful. Which to me is just inconceivable.
  9. Hi everybody, I'm AltairEndian, hailing from Germany, 32 year old power and melodic death metal fan looking for interesting interactions with other metal fans. I'm a professional software developer by day and a composer (metal and otherwise), organ player and choir singer (tenor) by evening. Not by night, I'm old and have to sleep at night :P. My favourite band of all time is Blind Guardian. Other favorites right now are: Hypocrisy, The Unity, Beast In Black, Be'lakor, Chariots of the Gods, Machine Head, Powerwolf, Sabaton, Rhapsody of Fire (still the legend goes on and on!) and Symphony X. See you in the threads!
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