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    Those are some really nice sketches! as you have recommended, I listened to them via headphones. It sounds awesome! very nice playing, you are very talented! I`m not big on constructive criticism, especially since my own recordings leave much to be desired. I`m no expert. However, as someone that also uses a cheap guitar myself (and cannot afford high end equipment), I will recommend doing two things which can improve the quality itself. I don`t know if your using a VST for the guitars themselves, but if your not, then you should. When it comes to sketches, its a good alternative to record guitars for people with a tight budget. And if you are using something like lets say Amplitube or guitar Rig, I will strongly recommend to avoid using presets, and instead create your own Rack. It will be much easier to control the sounds that way, to "open" it up. It could improve the quality.
  2. The pleasure is all mine! I am always on the lookout for good music to listen too, and your songs are outstanding. In fact, some of the best work I ever heard came from solo projects. Your work is truly inspiring. I think that the full extent of creative liberties and the freedom to innovate within the writing process is something that artists can only achieve when they are not tied down by label contracts or deadlines. I understand that you have a busy schedule and other priorities. As a married artist myself whose not getting any younger, I know how frustrating this actually is. That being said, i`m glad to hear that you joined a local band and I still hope that regardless you will be able to find time and make music the way you want too! Yeah I agree, the music and lyrics are powerful and inspirational, the album itself would have held well on its own right because its fantastic. However, I don't know if it would have made the same impact these days. Times are different, the audience is different, and the industry mindset is different. Its hard to predict what would really go down. As for their photo shoots though... yeah I try to ignore those as best as I can. To suppress these images. Same with most music videos in general, I stopped looking at how bands present themselves visually, many years ago. COF is just one of the bands I thank for that choice. Theres only so much I can mental block, you know lol
  3. EZ Drummer is a very good and easy to use, and with some tweaking it can sound great. And like FatherAlbaster said above me, Superior Drummer is also a very good option. Particularly with The Metal Foundry expansion which, which comes with many new sounds and new kits. There are also alternatives like Studio Drummer and various Kontakt libraries like the Steven Slate library. Personally, I like to mix it up and create "hybrid sets", taking various samples from different drum sets, to tweak them and attempt to create my own sound. Its a nightmare to edit but its worth it, sometimes. As for bass guitars, I recommend getting a real bass. VST/VSTis which simulate bass aren't that great. But... if you have no other choice, then id say go with "Spectrasonics Trilian". Thats the only virtual bass I would recommend.
  4. Yeah their last couple were still good and i`ll always think of them fondly. In some ways I believe they have in fact improved in their production aspects, as well in their overall performance. But I think that the spark they had when they did their first album is simply not there anymore. It happens to many bands. Its not that they lost their touch, but it simply feels like they got into a cycle of repetition, and the market itself has changed so they too found their own way to adapt. Or, thats what I think anyway. Like, hypothetically speaking, lets say that Dusk and her Embrace came out right now, in 2019. Whose to say it would be as well received right now, as it was back then. We will never know. As for your project, I must say I think your music is fantastic! everything sounds great, and the overall arrangements are top notch. The songs have a very strong sense to them, great song progression. Though one album in particular shines above the others. The one titled "Abject", stands out to me. It feels like it has the most energy and innovations. Just my personal preference I guess. The song "Host" is my favorite one in there, but all the others are just as good. I hope you will be able to find time to make more songs! their all fantastic!
  5. For me, I think that lyrical content is very important, perhaps as important as the way it is preformed. Lyrics are a representation of the kind of tone or mindset the artists themselves are aiming for (audience wise) and they (the lyrics) can also serve as a reference point to encourage the listeners to seek out similar bodies of work, as well as encouraging the listener to try to find out more about the source material and inspiration behind the concepts. To give the listeners something to think about, or at the very least, to convey stories or statements. It enhances the experience. I`m not saying all songs are built to provoke thought or articulate statements, but I do think that sometimes good lyrics have an equal impact as the music itself. A person is more likely to pay closer attention to something that resonates with them.
  6. Yeah their early work is wonderful. Back in those years everything was on CDs, and Cradle was basically among the first bands I heard which belonged to that genre. I liked everything from The Principle of Evil Made flesh, and up until the Midian era. After that things went abit downhill for them, music wise (in my opinion). Though I will always credit them as the first black metal band I heard which really made me go "wow!", if that makes any sense lol. Also, I couldn't help but notice your signature. Black Harvest. May I ask, is that your band (or a band your a part of)?
  7. Thank you for having me! You mean, on the metal front? well lately I have been listening to alot of old Iron Maiden and Megadeth albums, as well as some heavier stuff like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth. Also been listening to alot of Aryon, Sonata Arctica and Nightwish. Though i`ll admit, in all the bands I mentioned so far, I prefer their old albums in general, rather then new ones. How about you? Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone! i`m not very good at public introductions, I never know what to say in these things, so i`ll keep it nice and simple. I am a huge fan of metal music. Been listening to it all my life I guess, and I was hoping to meet other like minded people who enjoy the fine arts of shredding, and have a strong sense of appreciation for all music in general. What else? I am also a musician, writer and amateur composer though only as a hobby. Though since this is an introduction thread, I will not share that sorta stuff in here. I don`t like promoting myself all that much, away. So... to make a long story short, pleased to meet you, and I hope to see you around * Also, please forgive my English as I do not use it often *