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  1. hey, i'd definitely be down! im looking to work with heavy vocals, maybe something like deathcore.
  2. im working on vocals, and I have generally the same influences. Im from NJ, so kinda close. hit me up if you wanna see what my vocals are about, and maybe we can work somethin out!
  3. Hey, the title says it all. Im 17, from NJ, USA, and I can do some pretty sick gutturals and lows. I am currently working to improve my mids, but I can't sing for shit sadly. If you're looking for a vocalist for genres such as slam, death metal, or deathcore, i'm more than happy to help. Give me a shout if this ad sounds right up you or your band's alley. Thanks for reading.
  4. Hey everyone! Im new to the forum and I enjoy many different types of metal. I created an account because I would like to hopefully find people with the same interests and tastes, and hopefully find a place for my vocals. Have a great day everyone!