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  1. Looking for players from Europe for a symphonic metal project with a potential to become a band. First and foremost in the beginning stages there will be an online communication between the interested parties until the logistics and finances allow for us to continue from a physical location, which will be discussed by all members on how to proceed further. Goal of the project is to create the first album from the symphonic metal genre similar to bands like but not limited to -(Angra, Avantasia, Dark Moor, Derdian, Dragonland, Epica, Kamelot,Nightwish,Pathfinder,Phoenix Rising,Sonata Arctica, Solar Crown Serenity,Theocracy, Twilight Force,Versailles etc) Of course with something unique and original not just a copy/paste process in which each member should provide their musical ideas while making the songs. What is needed? Short answer: Everything. Long answer: Drummer (Able to play double bass, willing to learn new techniques if beginner or intermediate) Keyboards (Provides the essential sounds and able to create symphonic backing tracks for the enrichment of the sound) Rhythm guitar (Provides those heavy riffs and creating an amazing headbanging experience) Rhythm/lead (I will be playing this part supporting the Rhythm player and creating licks and fills and solos for the songs) Bass (Creating that amazing bass sound that makes our stomachs tremble with a strong punch) Vocals (Female soprano would be preferred, making the songs even more beautiful and mesmerizing) Ok ladies and gents, this is a fairly long post already but yet there is a lot more to discuss. This is an ambitious project and i am sure it will be very hard and it involves a lots of sweat and tears to realize. That's why only people willing to put some time, their love for creating music and people willing to put effort and dedication would be considered. And in the end in would be an opportunity to make long life friends in the process and embark on a journey that a lot of people dream about. So please don't be shy, all who are interested introduce yourselves.
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