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  1. Song just kinda came to me, already copyrighted it. If it don't go no where so fuckin be it. Link here, still polishing it, etc. Just wondering what the next step might be. Would prefer an artist with a familiarity with the subject matter, would be more important than the money honestly. Do I just start emailing labels or what?
  2. ADMIN/MOD: if this is in the wrong forum, please move it and pm me to tell me where it went. Thanks. Not really a songwriter/artist, shit just kinda came to me so I put pen to paper. The war verse was added later. Looking for feedback and suggestions, suggested styles of music, etc. Partially inspired by Hush by Hellyeah (link in sig), but I think this would be much more death metal. Not really a death metal guy, disturb's older shit is about as hard as I usually get, but someone suggested Gojira's style, and I can fuckin hear that shit. Links to Stranded and Art of Dying