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  1. Sorry, I have been gone for so long! I say take the travelling at your own pace, especially these days with the virus going around, might be best to postpone. I like generic Cider brands here like Sommersby and Halmstad. Apple Bandit was also nice which I tried while in the Netherlands. My favourite by far though is the Bulmers Cider, especially the Red berries and lime, as well as the original. It is more expensive than regular cider, but so good. Tastes like a 50/50 between cider and beer. Perfect for when you want something sweeter than beer, but not overwhelming.
  2. Yeah Cider is what I usually drink, though I have tried some fruity beer here and there. Once things get too sweet I either take a beer or switch to Red Wine ? I visited Denmark once, but didn't get to try any alcohol there. Ill keep it in mind for next time. You may know that in Norway its common to visit Sweden cuz its so cheap, especially for alcohol. Not going near there though these days
  3. My world into beer was sort of opened not too long ago. As a Norwegian I've found almost all our beer to be awful (I usually preferred sweet things). Then I stayed a semester abroad in the Netherlands and tried a lot of beer, liked almost all of it. Now I am just sad it is all out of reach as I have returned home .-.
  4. Draconian I quite liked. They are like a blend of Gothic, Doom and Symphonic, all genres which suit me well. FEJD might be my favourite so far. They have a really nice blend of catchy fun "storytime", while still being heavy enough to where my smile can't be "too broad" ? I was surprised to find that the Ajattara vocalist is old Amorphis vocalist, small world. Verivalta was a nice song for me with the sort of really slow burn approach. Plus slow and heavy with lots of keys will almost always work for me. Keuhkot makes me picture a bunch of Shamans trying to do their thing, but they a
  5. I'll check out what you just posted. On another note, so you like Bodom? I do too! If so you should definitely try "Darkness Swallowed" by Fearless. It is not posted anywhere individually on youtube, so this is a link to the full album. Song starts at 15:52 The Chorus of this song is pretty much as CoB as it can get without being them, and I love it for it. I wanted to link it originally, but a little clumsy cuz full album link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-f_-zA8NZmM
  6. I'll add a few bands as well. Astralium (Symphonic/Power metal) (Italian) Example track: Rising Waves From The Ocean Dialith (Symphonic Power metal) (American) Example track: Quiver of Deception Fearless (Melodic Death Metal) (China) Example track: Lord of Twilight Serpent (Melodic Death Metal) (Japan) Example track: Bloody Gates The former two are very fresh bands with only an album (Full-length) each to their names. The latter two are obscure to the point where I am unsure if they are even active anymore.
  7. Pretty enjoyable overall. I have been in the process of getting into various forms of electronic music these last few years so this works for me. 7/10 Here is some "The Birthday Massacre" with a treack from their new album. Idek what genre I would consider them at this point, Gothpop/Synthwave/Synthpop/Dark wave. Who knows
  8. I really liked that and I have a hard time pinpointing why. Rather strange yet quite catchy too. They do also come from from Norway like me, so maybe that helps ? 8/10
  9. Serpent is another one (Japan). Though the band has lost half its members so they are sort of in a hiatus I think. They are melodeath and has very low popularity. Somehow my dad found them and I grew up to their stuff
  10. Hello and welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy yourself here!
  11. Omnium Gatherum "Be the Sky". I can't for the life of me get this song out of my head
  12. That was quite enjoyable, definitely scratches the heavy metal itch, especially with the heavy and well emphasized guitars. 8/10. This one is a little commerical and their image is a mess, but their live sound is good and the vocalist kills it (especially from 5:10 till finish). This is from their debut album.
  13. Its hard to say, I grew up with it all around me due to both my parents liking it. My first proactive effort to finding metal on my own was when I was 9. It was Dark Passion Play from Nightwish that really set me off then. Ever since then Ive listened to most metal genres and enjoy most of it
  14. Im in the same boat with power metal. Its the popcorn of metal, nice from time to time, but not too exciting. This song is nothing unqiue, but still enjoyable 7/10. Ill entertain the idea of some more power metal cuz why not? This one is a little more meaty than the average power metal on the note of Serpent. They are a Japanese Melodeath band. This is their first of two albums. No one really seem to know if they exist anymore. I have no idea how dad found them, but he would blast them all day when I was like 8. Bloody gates (the song I linked) is from the album called Cradle Of Insanity
  15. I really have no idea what to make of that. Not the most philosophical piece of work, but certainly fun. 6.5/10 Ill mix it up a bit here with a live song. Gotta love the bass and guitar duel
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