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  1. Serpent is another one (Japan). Though the band has lost half its members so they are sort of in a hiatus I think. They are melodeath and has very low popularity. Somehow my dad found them and I grew up to their stuff
  2. Hello and welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy yourself here!
  3. Omnium Gatherum "Be the Sky". I can't for the life of me get this song out of my head
  4. That was quite enjoyable, definitely scratches the heavy metal itch, especially with the heavy and well emphasized guitars. 8/10. This one is a little commerical and their image is a mess, but their live sound is good and the vocalist kills it (especially from 5:10 till finish). This is from their debut album.
  5. Its hard to say, I grew up with it all around me due to both my parents liking it. My first proactive effort to finding metal on my own was when I was 9. It was Dark Passion Play from Nightwish that really set me off then. Ever since then Ive listened to most metal genres and enjoy most of it
  6. Im in the same boat with power metal. Its the popcorn of metal, nice from time to time, but not too exciting. This song is nothing unqiue, but still enjoyable 7/10. Ill entertain the idea of some more power metal cuz why not? This one is a little more meaty than the average power metal on the note of Serpent. They are a Japanese Melodeath band. This is their first of two albums. No one really seem to know if they exist anymore. I have no idea how dad found them, but he would blast them all day when I was like 8. Bloody gates (the song I linked) is from the album called Cradle Of Insanity (full album on yt surprisingly)
  7. I really have no idea what to make of that. Not the most philosophical piece of work, but certainly fun. 6.5/10 Ill mix it up a bit here with a live song. Gotta love the bass and guitar duel
  8. Pretty cool song overall 7/10 Lets try what I consider to be one of the most underrated metal bands. You can hardly find anything by them on youtube and no spotify.
  9. That song was indeed very different. I found myself tapping along though and bobbing my head to it. A really fun song song! 7.5/10 Let us take another U-turn here
  10. More distorted than Im used to, but it kept me entertained. 6/10 Ill change it up again
  11. Iron Mask - Freedoms Blood
  12. «Kingdom Come» Kingdom Come
  13. Hi there and welcome to the site! Feels weird to say that since I joined earlier today myself! If branching out is what you want then I got you covered, though based on the bands you mentioned whatever I throw at you might seem very oddball.
  14. That song kicked ass 9/10. I loved the vocals, sort of unique and reminded me of "Sigh"
  15. Not my thing, but it did grow on me a little as it went on. 6/10