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  1. They produced some great songs in the early 80s, be a toss up between Wheels of Steel & Strong Arm of the Law as to what is my favourite album by them. Some of their mid to late 80s stuff, when they were trying to crack the US with a more commercial sound, is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, some cracking tunes, though a bit of dross as well, Party ‘Till You Puke, I’m thinking of you. Their current material I just don’t find as memorable or catchy as what the produced in their hey day, probably a bit too heavy for me.
  2. Probably far too late to answer, but I'd say, the three I’d probably go for are from round the same period as Blackout, Love at First Sting – obviously has their signature song, Rock You Like A Hurricane, along with stellar tracks, Bad Boys Running Wild & Big City Nights, while the ballad, Still Loving You is in there also. Lovedrive has some great stuff, I really like the instrumental, Coast to Coast, along with the songs, Another Piece of Meat, & Can’t Get Enough. While the title track rips off the theme tune to the A-Team – or maybe it was the other way round ... Animal Magnetism is worth getting for, The Zoo, alone, immense track.
  3. I think it is an improvement on The Final Frontier, which I think was really bloated and full of repetitive and unmemorable tracks. With Book of Souls, there are a few songs that really grab me and I still listen to, to this day. Namely, Tears of the Clown, Death or Glory, If Eternity Should Fail & The Red & The Black. As for the rest, is okay stuff which is listenable, but not something I really every feel the need to put on. Really think they should have got in a capable piano player to record Empire, given it a really grand sound as opposed to Bruce struggling away with it. As for the re-union albums, A Matter of Life & Death is my favourite, but none of them have really come close to matching their glory days for me.
  4. I'm looking for vocalists to guest on an album by my band, Vantage Point. Last year we released an album, Work Work Work, with the lyrical theme revolving around work. As the working day can be very similar from day to day we thought it might be interesting for some guest vocalists to take our tracks and write and sing their own lyrics. Thus you get an album, like the working day is quite similar to the previous one, but also a bit different ... The idea would be just to supply the backing track by e:mail and for people to go away and record their vocals and return to us for mixing in the studio. If anyone is interested they can either send me a message here or an e:mail to [email protected] If you want to check out our music to see what we are like, then we have quite a few videos on our youtube channel - www.youtube.com/user/vantagepointrocks Cheers.