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  1. Hello, Im going to my first metal show and Born of Osiris is headlining, what should i expect? should i mosh? i just wanna know what im getting myself into Thanks, Logan
  2. Hello, Ive been screaming/Growling for a little over a month and would like some feedback from the people on this forum as i don't know many people that enjoy metal. Anyway enjoy.... or don't P.S i apologize for the bad audio quality, i dont have recording equipment https://vocaroo.com/i/s1RS6McAW6Jn
  3. Hello, My name is Logan and i've come to the metal forums because no one in my family likes metal. I listen to Deathcore, Nu Metal, Metalcore, Grindcore etc. My family is a little older so you might be able to understand why. I hope to find some awesome people here that love metal as much as i do. ,Logan
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