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  1. "Blitzed Alive" by Blitzkrieg is their second demo released in 1981. This was followed by a full album release entitled "A Time of Changes" in 1985. Blitzkrieg is still active today releasing their new album "Judge Not!" in 2018.
  2. "If Heaven is Hell" by Tokyo Blade. This is the single off of the 1984 album "Midnight Rendezvous". Tokyo Blade has been active since 1982 and released their newest album "Unbroken" in 2018. "Midnight Rendezvous" by Tokyo Blade 1984.
  3. "Devil Takes The High Road" by Traitor's Gate in 1985. Traitor's Gate hails from Wales and has recently released 2 new albums "Only The Strong" in 2017 and "Fallen" in 2018.
  4. "Creatures of the Night" off the EP entitled "Them Running"
  5. Also known as Slayer (UK) I think these guys are great sadly they didn't release much. Still great heavy metal nonetheless.
  6. FREE STICKERS Here’s a little something for all you basement dwellers and music elitist. Have you ever wanted some small adhesive pictures from some dudes you don’t know, that play music you don’t even like? Well good news because for a limited time SILENT THRONE RECORDS is giving away stickers free of charge. The designs are listed 1-6 in descending order, if interested send me a message with the corresponding numbers.You can even get all six (that’s fucking crazy) All stickers are 3.5 by 3.5 act fast limited quantity!
  7. FOR THOSE THAT ARE INTERESTED: We're giving away two of our releases for free!! Just follow the links below... AAVE-Wounded https://silent-throne-records.bandcamp.com/album/wounded AAVE/SMOG-Dissociate https://silent-throne-records.bandcamp.com/album/dissociate
  8. In no particular order.... Gorgoroth: A Sorcery Written in Blood Emperor: In the Nightside Eclipse Darkthrone: Panzerfaust Thorns: Trøndertun Immortal: Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism
  9. Cool thanks for the listen!
  10. Silent Throne Records is now giving away Aave's new release "Wounded" for free!!! Please follow the link below for your free copy. https://silent-throne-records.bandcamp.com/album/wounded
  11. https://shop.metaldevastation.com Great selection and great delivery times. I've bought many patches from them, I'd highly recommend them. If you've never made a battle jacket before it will get expensive but just remember money is no object when it comes to a battle jacket. If your like me you'll ware it almost everywhere. So don't be afraid to spend a little extra making it something you'll love forever.
  12. That's what I did and it's not to labor intensive just make sure your spikes line up nicely or they'll look like shit.
  13. I live in a very religious/ conservative county and besides black metal I've found out Lutherans really hate grindcore. One of my favorites soley based on gross out factor. Torsofuck. Torsofuck-Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy is a great choice, there is just so much obscene stuff to choose from. For Example: Fistfucking Her Decomposed Cadaver Raped by Elephants Four Legged Whore
  14. Mercyful Fate- House of Satan Igni- This Must Be Hell Enthroned Serpent - Towards the Unknown
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    How do you ...

    I agree as a content creator Youtube and Bandcamp are pretty much king. Youtube and Bandcamp both have a very good underground/Independent metal scene. I use channels like Black Metal Promotion & Atmospheric Black Metal, etc. You can pretty much find a channel on Youtube that has your preferred genres. Bandcamp is great if you like supporting artist and labels, plus following Youtube and Bandcamp recommendations can be a delightful rabbit hole to get lost in.
  16. My earliest memories of music are my Mother playing Meat Loaf's Bat Outta Hell for me on her record player. Once I heard the mesmerizing story he laid before me along with the motorcycle sounds rumbling from Todd Rundgren's guitar I was hooked. I know Meat Loaf isn't considered metal but he was my first introduction to rock n roll. I guess the first band I listened to that would be considered metal would be Black Sabbath. I AM IRON MAN.
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    Here are some others if you're still looking.
  18. I will say the opposite happens for me and GWAR I find their music on it's own without the visual effects basic and boring, Add the big costumes and the gross out stunts and everything they touch becomes sticky, sticky gold. I don't really get Ghost, they look like a King Diamond wannabe and sound like your typical pop rock band. The look must be a marketing gimmick because the sound and the look really don't mesh for me.
  19. Here Here! The shit scale to end all shit scales. I know this is unpopular but pretty much all of Metallica's discography. I understand that a lot of people love them but I personally don't see anything special about them. You can say what ever you want about Puppets or Lightning but I've got two words for ya LOAD, RELOAD lol. Also anything Anthrax released after Persistence of Time. Yeah I feel like Chris is always making the same album to me Haunted and Maximum Violence sound too similar. I also don't like his "nu metal" Like death growls he sounds like he's trying to rap and it's not very good. Example Feeding off the Blood of the Insane (terrible vocals/Lame song overall) Plus the cover art for warpath is unforgivable.
  20. I know I'm new and yeah I'm guilty of doing exactly what your talking about. I'm not gonna lie at first I thought that this could be another platform for me to get feedback on my music, but after reading some posts, I've realized there are a lot of knowledgeable people that post on here. You discuss interesting topics and it doesn't come off as elitism when you post an opinion. I like you guys I might stick around! lol
  21. Hey there I'm Aave. I run Silent Throne Records based out of Iron Mountain, MI. I currently have two artists under Silent Throne, a one man raw black metal powerhouse in SMOG, and the ethereal aural experience that is Aave. Keep in mind though both artists are just hobbyist mostly self taught. If you have any comments or feedback please feel free to express them. Thank you for the time and thanks for the listen.
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    Hey there, as far as darkwave bands go here are some of my favorites. Okay will do and It seems every year around this time I try to find the coldest sounding shit I can.
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    Hey there my name is Aave. I'm here as a metal fan and independent music maker. I'm here to talk metal and share music. I'm mainly listening to various forms of black metal and darkwave right now. I love all metal forms though, death, thrash, power, doom, sludge, djent, drone and I like it all. I'm not too much of an elitist but I do have a strong opinion on some bands. I'm always down for a friendly debate. I look forward to getting to know as many as I can.