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  1. CANTSiR

    Where does the highway go?

    The highway, like any highway, connects two ultimate paths. The one he is referencing is hell or heaven. In the song he talks about the "highway alive tonight" prior to the bible so I think he is talking about how the majority are on the highway southbound to hell.
  2. Can you do me a solid and send high quality pictures of the booklet and all the pages? They had a math formula in there I need and for the life of me can't remember. I think it had the pi symbol in the equation.
  3. CANTSiR

    Lyrics like Wormed?

    Anybody got a band to recommend that has crazy off the wall lyrics like wormed? Not necessarily space related but throwing around unusual vocab. Meshuggah hits it sometimes.
  4. CANTSiR

    howdy dudey

    Yo. Names George. I listen to pretty much anything. I am mostly interested in the extremes of any genre. Metal gets pretty extreme so it's one of my fav genres. Aside from music I'm mostly into motorcycles and charity.