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  1. I think X-Japan could be considered as classic already Yes, The Hu is actually really good! Nice blend of traditional Mongolian sound and metal! By the way, Madmans Esprit just released a new MV. I'll add the link to their official YouTube video here:
  2. Wow, that's a big list of Asian metal bands, didn't expect there's so many of them! I'll definitely look into them. How did you like Madmans Esprit?
  3. belix

    Hi :)

    Thank you! :) Thank you very much! At this point I mostly listen to Madmans Esprit, a Korean metal band, and through them I've discovered Human Traces (Germany), Opeth, and some underground DSBM bands (IER is really awesome). Hopefully I'll widen my experience and maybe spread some good music to others too.
  4. Hey all, So recently I discovered a Korean black metal/progressive black metal band called Madmans Esprit, with some awesome vocals and nice melody. As I know, they released two full albums, Nacht and Conscientization of Unconsciousness. What really amazed me was the fact that they really stand out from what people usually hear from Korea - all the boysbands and K-pop idols - and instead they represent the unknown Korean metal underground. Even though you can hear some Opeth and Radiohead influences in some of their songs (especially from Nacht), their sound is still quite unique. What do you guys think of them? What's your general opinion on East-Asian metal scene? I'll share here some of their MVs from their official YouTube for you to hear:
  5. belix

    Hi :)

    Greetings everyone, I'm a newbie here, looking for some good discussions and maybe some recommendations on metal music. I'm also quite new in metal theme, so please don't judge my poor experience too harsh