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  1. Thanks for your answer and suggestions. But unfortunatelly, this is not what i'm looking for. Although Unhuman impressed me. I like technical death metal. And especially i want to thank for Bethlehem. This is awesome. Great discovering for me, althrough not what i was looking for. Those grindcore bands use screamo type of vocals(i guess), which i like, but it's not the same thing. Screamo vocals is just hysterical, but have no power or agression behind it at enough level for me. I guess, i searching for bands with fry scream(if i'm right). This is metalcore type of vocals, but Blinded Colony, Mnemic and Bleed The Sky is more metal than core. Just "modern" melodic death/industrial with lots of metalcore infuences. Nasum is just great grindcore with similiar vocals. It's not that hard to find metalcore band with similiar vocals, (Oh, Sleeper for example) but metalcore music have specific and different production. Not like in metal in most cases. Quite hard to explain(especially through my not perfect english). I search for metal bands with these vocals. Like in Deathbox by Mnemic or My Halo by Blinded Colony. Perfect example. I know, it's all subjective, but this is hysterical and powerful at the same time. Like vocalist are mad and gonna burst from anger. I would be glad if someone name metalcore bands with similliar vocals. I already know: Oh, Sleeper(as i said before), A Day After Zombies Came and Poison The Well. It would also be interesting to explore some metal bands, but with core type of vocals(not necesserily like these, that i searching for), which is not that usual and rare, i guess. Like in Alterbeast or early 3 Inches of Blood.
  2. Hello. I'm looking for songs with same psychotic high pitched screams like here: https://youtu.be/kXY_t77W-ww https://youtu.be/KFc1u_LMqdY https://youtu.be/nUA7DIpUY-g https://youtu.be/Grw1XzIC6wQ https://youtu.be/Wn6y-2EZvAE https://youtu.be/Dq4GPWnkFLA I hope thats enough for the right example of what i'm looking for.