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  1. Hi. I started listening to Led Zeppelin couple of days ago. I really love all the first album, I like the vibe of "The Houses Of The Holy" Well, I've listened to like 4 albums. I can say, that third album was the one who I didn't really enjoy. I don't know... Maybe I was just too tired yesterday and I wasn't getting really into it and I should re-listen it what I sure thing will do today or tomorrow. Next thing I did i listened to Jimmy's Page's album "Outrider" and I kind of liked it. Well, I really started liking some of blues songs. So, the question here is - what you, old school music lovers, can suggest to me to listen? I'm looking for similar stuff. You know, rock vibe, blues vibe, all that stuff. Some really cool guitar Gods like Jimmy Page that can make guitar sound bluesy, rocky and dirty at the same time.
  2. Damn, turning 19 first time in my life. Having a great, great, great mood and listening to Motorhead's song - Mean Machine! ROCK ON!
  4. Good morning. I'm listening to Good Mourning, Black friday by Megadeth.
  5. Bathory - Enter The Enternal Fire (144p, so I'm trve kvlt)
  6. Man, that's cool! It's like first time for you or what? I would like to do that in future together with my family.
  7. I will say 8/10. Don't get me wrong, - Dios vocals were very beautiful. I mean, he could make it big in other genres too. His voice was like no other, wich I respect him for. But I'm used to Ozzy's Sabbath, so it's hard for me to like later Sabbath. Here you go. An young motherfucker, who began listening Megadeth just yesterday. The thing is, I've heard Peace Sells and uhmm... Symphony of destruction before, but I somehow did not like it much. It's like that with me. Some time passes, I listen to record again and start liking it more. So this night I went in spotify and listened to Killing is my Bussines... And basically Mustaine loves killing, hehe. So I started listening to album, and title song just filled my ears with metal like nothing else. Rock on!
  8. Hey there, man! Personaly my fav Black Sabbath song is hand of doom. Wish you all the best ;)
  9. Into The Lungs of Hell by Megadeth
  10. I'm now listening to Metallica's Master Of Puppets DE album. Right now I'm listening to MOP June 1985 demo
  11. I'm using spotify daily. You can say, I use more often than youtube or other programs. Even if I'm an meme fan, what means I use YouTube a lot. I don't pay nothing for spotify, btw. No ads, infinite skips and just peace out. I've seted up pretty good equalizer, so I can listen to music in very good quality. You can even listen to it through some cheap 3 euro earbuds and will still feel every note, everything. Well, of course I do doubt that things wont change if I would buy myself some 50/70 euro earphones, but I don't quiet care right now. For me spotify is big thing, because it just has everything I need. Albums, LPS, EPS, mixtapes n shit. For my musical taste it has everything I would need. Of course, there is some music that is not in spotify, but I wish it would be there. But I don't worry. I just go in YouTube, download it and just listen. So, quality is great, choice for me there is very huge. Favorite artists/genres etc. I can easy say that spotify really made me listen to more good music than youtube did. It just creates those daily mixes, and you begin finding new bands/songs, and your musical journey goes on. Since I'm a teen, I still don't own car (soon will, I hope so), I don't really worry about listening to music in car, but even then, I would not need CD's in car. I really think it's just an hobby to collect music in CD's. And since I can stream music from spotify, and I do it for free - I don't have to worry at all. I'm using every chance to spend less money on such things. And no, I don't think it's not right, I just know where I have to spend more cash and where not. I prefer carrying music in pocket more than keeping it in room/PC. Phone is always with me, plug it to speakers and rock on. And no, I don't mean that musicians don't deserve to be payed. Well, rappers these days really don't deserve shit for what they're doing (says rap fan ;d), but musicians who work with instruments and voice (good singers n shit) really do, but they already get what they need to since they go on tours/perform for people, sell records worldwide. I don't want to be that "only asshole in village" but in meantime - I don't have enough money to support my favorite musicians. Who knows, - maybe one day I will be father with 3 kids, long beard, glasses, boring office job and full room of CD's (I really hope no). Anyways, sorry for my language mistakes ;d
  12. Floods by Pantera. Everything about this song is so "Pantera". Epic riff in beginning, bass that you can hear, great drumming (not intense in this one, but still great). Phil's vocal performance is just brilliant. And of course - outro. Whole vibe of song is unforgetable. I can easy say - there is no other song with such dark vibe, and in same time it sounds so full of hope. I dont know how to call that feeling otherlike.
  13. I'm on some classic shit now. It's called Dunklheit by Burzum. 😈
  14. Like yesterday I just started like being addicted to fucking sound of Death. I mean, I fell in love with guitars, vocals, drumming. Now I'm listening to Death - Torn To Pieces, wich is freaking good. Atmosphere, vocals, drumming - everything is like I love it.
  15. Voice of the soul by Death. 🤘
  16. Well, I do not consider Guns N Roses as metal, so yeah... Guns, of course. Like, all four albums (Spaghetti Incident does not count since it's more like cover album as I know). Red Hot Chilli Peppers is what I love, but I can't really understand why there are days when I can't listen to them, and there is some days when I listen only to them. I love like 80% of their music. Funky, energetic and beautiful. I love listening to some game soundtracks. Mafia I has beautiful soundtrack. Guitars from 1930's, that beautiful, natural vibe of that time. Some orchestra stuff. Also, I listen to Michael Jackson sometimes. 6 years ago The Prodigy was my favorite band. Now I listen to them rarely. Ummm... Next in mind comes Pet Shop Boys - you can say it's first music I've ever heard if you don't count some random radio stuff from 80's. I recall my first band where guys used guitars was The Clash. I remember their album Combat Rock, witch I had listened like 5-7 times, I don't really remember. Then, of course Hip Hop came in my life, and really became my life I mean, there was no days when I wasn't listening to it. From such mainstream as Eminem to russian underground hip hop, and some of latvian. Then I began discovering more and more rap from U.S. In seventh grade my favorite was Nirvana. After that... Afther that there was an period of nothing. Yeah... Shitty, wacky music. Just trying to find myself something to listen. Lil Wayne, some random rap bullshit.. After that time of listening to total crap I started listening to Viktor Coy - russian rock musician, witch passed away in 1990. He was talking a lot about USSR, it's problems n stuff like that. Then I came back to hip hop more deeply. Within time I started to listen a lots of kinds of music. There's everything from music in my life. Jazzhop, hip hop, rock, funky music, EDM, punk rock, pink-pop or whatever you call it. Yeah
  17. Skyforger - Latvian Riffleman. Of course, lyrics are in latvian, but man.... I love that goddamn emotion those riffs and speed create.
  18. Natas


    I'm planing of like 3 tattoos. First one is going to be Anubis tattoo somewhere on hand. Then I would like to have a tattoo with scorpion on other hand ( I don't know yet where exactly). And the third one is going to be on hand too, it will most likely be some sort of a text with huge meaning for me. But if not text, then something original. Like, associations with a lots of things in one tattoo. Like, skeleton with leather jacket and bandana on head, holding snake by it's throat lol.
  19. I'm now listening to Venom's album "Black Metal" and now I listen to song "Bursting Out"
  20. I might sound wrong etc. but still, it's just my opinnion. I would choose Mustaine to stay as a guitarist. Dont get me wrong, Kirk did a tons of great job. Some albums had wacky solos, too much whammy, but he still puts more emotion in solos than Mustaine, I think. I have nothing towards Cliff. Call Of Ktulu, Orion of course, Damage Inc, MOP whole album. And RTL album ofc shows his amazingness and creativity. As one of they producers said Cliff might find bit uneasy some easy shit, but in terms of making masterpieces he was like unhuman. But for me personaly Jason fits way more. I mean, the way he played wasnt very original n shit, but his backing vocals, stage energy and him being just an metalhead/fanboy made him who he was. All I really mean - He fits better. Well, theres one more small thing I would like to mention: Dave most likely would be out of band soon anyway because of his attitude and drinking. You know, Lars started to mess around with cocaine later in AJFA era I guess, so there's chance that Mustaine might try something similar. Can't be really sure of that, js.
  21. Det Som En Gang Var by Burzum