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  1. Greetings, vocalist here in his mid 30´s with lots of experience within the genres of Black and Death Metal. I have my own home studio with a wide selection of mics and can record from there in good quality. I am interested in cooperating, session and doing studio work for projects aimed at release (digital and physical). I do everything from classic screms/growls to eerie chants and voices. Musically, I am looking for anything dark and extreme, preferably within the realm of Death/Black metal but ambient/experimental/dungeon is also interesting. I write my own lyrics, but maybe I am open to doing yours. Subjects of interest : Esoteric occultism // traditional satanism // adversarial and anti-religious topics. ( I am a practicing Satanist, adept to the black arts) Send me a PM and I can provide you with links to my past projects. Link your work and I will let you know if I am interested... Looking forward to doing some evil and vile cooperation ! All Hail !